1. I can't log in
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  2. I can't see the video lesson even after I log in.
    Viewing videos requires javascript to be enabled, and Adobe Flash player to be installed. Click here to install the latest version of Adobe Flash. High-speed internet is also required, as the videos are quite large.
  3. How can I see all the sections of the magazine?
    The navigation at top (Home, Editorial, etc...) links to each section of the magazine. Clicking on one of the links will take you to the sections.
  4. I tried to log in and it says my email doesn't exist. The login form accepts either the email address or username you originally signed up with. Please refer to the original email you received when you signed up to ensure you are using the proper credentials.
  5. How do I become a contributing artist?
    Please see our Subsmission Guidelines.
  6. Can I subscribe without using a credit card?
    Yes, you may subscribe without using a credit card. Please send your check or money order to:
    D & A Publishing, LLC
    209 Village Way S.
    Canton, MI 48188
  7. Can anyone place pictures in the Virtual Gallery?
    Yes! If you are a subscriber you receive 5 FREE postings every 30 days. If you are not a subscriber, you must sign up as a Registered Posting Member and pay a nominal fee.
  8. Can I place something in the Virtual Gallery even if it is not my own original design?
    Yes, you may! However, when filling out the Posting Form you must list the designer and receive him or hers permission before you post your art work.
  9. How do I purchase something from the Art Store?
    You click on Purchase and it will take you to the author's website in order to complete your purchase.
  10. Can I print out Written Lessons and Articles?
    Yes, we encourage you to do so!
  11. How can I view previous issues?
    Please click here or on the Archive link located at the bottom of the webpage. 
  12. Why isn't my video lesson playing as soon as I press start?
    Most likely the video file needs to buffer because at that particular time your internet connection might be a bit slow. The blue line at the bottom indicates how much of the video has downloaded. If playback reaches the end of the buffered video, then it will pause. Hit pause, let the blue bar get longer, and then hit play.