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Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation Review [2021]

Hello guys! I hope you all are doing fine. We all love doing makeup, don’t we? Foundation is a crucial makeup product. It creates the base of your makeup.

Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation

You need to choose it according to your skin color and undertone. The shade is essential. You need to select a shade that is similar to your natural skin tone. Too light or too dark can turn into a disaster.

Finding the perfect foundation can be a dream come true for any makeup enthusiast. The happiness becomes double if that foundation is from the drugstore.

NYX total control drop foundation works like magic. This foundation is suitable for all skin types. It has a sheer to full buildable coverage. The total control drop has a drop applicator. This foundation blends so smoothly and gives a radiant look.

This is an affordable option you can go for. This foundation has excellent coverage. If you have pores and acne spots all over your skin, it can hide everything. In this article, I will give a brief review of the NYX total control drop foundation.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Total Control Drop Foundation

This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. The applicator might be a little challenging to use. Normally, I prefer packaging with a pump.

Those are easy to use and blend. But the dropper might seem challenging to use, as you may think how many drops you need.

The foundation has a very light and watery texture. This easy to blend formula blends with your skim smoothly and leaves a clear base. Using a dropper is a bit tricky.

There is a big chance that you can use too much product. Always drop a little amount; it is enough for your entire face. You can try the following:

  • 2 drops for light coverage.
  • 3 drops for medium coverage.
  • 4 drops for full coverage with total control

The shade range of this foundation is quite impressive. You will find 30 shades with different undertones.

Being a drugstore foundation, this number if quite remarkable. The foundation gives a matte velvety finish. This oil-free formula provides a radiant finish.

Any skin type can use this foundation. But, I would recommend this for dry and combination skin people. 

You can use a foundation or buffing brush to apply this foundation. For a more natural finish, you can use a wet beauty blender.

One feature I love about this foundation is it gives such a natural finish. It blends smoothly and provides a second-skin-like finish. The formula is also long-lasting.

It stays for 5 to 6 hours on your skin, without creasing. You can increase longevity by using a primer underneath. This total drop line also has an overall drop matte primer. It increases staying power dramatically. 

Nyx Total for Matte Finish:

This premium grade foundation is mainly for improving your appearance.  This solution gives the full coverage and has a fantastic grade of blending capability with the minimal development time.  Also, this product is highly smudge-proof.

That’s why the right amount of application will give you the semi-matte finish.  Its regular use can improve your pale skin.

Why is NYX Total Drop Foundation better?

You may ask, why should I choose NYX total drop control over other foundation. Well, there are a bunch of reasons. I will point out some good point:

  • NYX’s total drop foundation is a budget-friendly Foundation.
  • This foundation has a sheer to full buildable coverage.
  • This formula is lightweight and feels like a feather.
  • It doesn’t make your face look cakey.
  • This foundation is easy to blend.
  • The coverage is buildable; you can layer it up and have more coverage.
  • It has a decent staying power.
  • For daily use, this foundation is perfect.
  • Ideal coverage

How to know your undertone?

Selecting your foundation according to your undertone is important. I am sure; no one wants to look ghostly or too orange. I am going to give you an idea, how can you find out your undertone.

One more thing, skin tone, and undertones are two different things. Skin tones can change with time, but undertones stay the same. 

There is another misconception that light skin tones don’t get warm tones. This is not true. Fair skin people can have warm tones and medium to dark skin people can have cool tones.

There are 3 types of undertones. You will choose the foundation that is made for that specific undertone.

Cool tone: Look at the veins of your hand. If it looks blue or purple, then you have a cool tone. 

Warm tone: If your vein appears green, then you have a warm undertone.

Neutral: You have a mix of both cool and warm undertones. If your skin tone and undertone fall in the same color, then also you have a neutral undertone. 

There is also another way, but not always true. This is to see what type of jewelries suit you.

If gold jewelry complements your skin, then you have a warm undertone. On the other hand, if gold jewels do not flatter your look, you might have a cool undertone. 

Can I apply Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation before tanning?

Yes! To ensure the classic tan, this foundation is pretty helpful. At the initial stage, it soaks excess oil from your face and prepare your skin for tanning.

Also, you can mask your visible blemishes that make your tanning effect more appealing and durable.

Final Verdict

Finally, I would recommend NYX total drop control foundation. This has a fantastic formula. If you like a light foundation that makes you look natural, then this is your product.

You can also build up the coverage, according to your preference. The formula is light and stays for a long time. This foundation gives you a natural, radiant look.