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Nyx bb Cream Review and Buying Guide [2021]

Beauty blemish or Beauty balm is known as BB cream. It is a cream that is lightweight and hides the blemishes of your skin. BB creams give you foundation like coverage, but, they are not as heavy as the foundation.

You can wear a BB cream and do light makeup. BB cream can be used when you do not want heavy makeup. Almost all makeup brands have BB cream in their makeup line.

NYX BB cream is one of the popular ones in the market. This is an affordable option you can try. In this article, I will give a brief review of NYX BB cream.


NYX BB cream has a lightweight formula. It feels like nothing on your skin. This can be your ideal choice for a no-makeup look. This is a hydrating and moisturizing cream.

Almost all skin types can use it, no matter if your skin is dry or oily. This cream can be used along with or under your foundation as a primer. The mineral-infused formula provides medium coverage and makes your skin look smooth and silky.

You can build up the coverage. You use it with a foundation or buffer brush or with your fingers. This is an oil-free cream and hypoallergenic. Even sensitive skin people can also use it. 

NYX BB cream comes in three different shades:


For light to medium skin tone, people with beige undertone.


For light to medium skin tone, people with a peachy undertone.


For medium skin tone with a golden undertone.

My Review

NYX bb cream doesn’t have any SPF in it. So, you need to use a sunscreen if you are going outside. Other than that, this product is fantastic. One unique feature is that even dry skin people can use this cream.

Normally BB cream tends to make your skin try and flaky. But this unique hydrating formula of NYX gives you moisture and smooth texture. You will be flawless, and you won’t need to apply anything on top of this. 

This BB cream from NYX does not highlight the dry patches or flakiness when you use this. This has a balanced formula; even if your skin is oily, it won’t feel heavy or crease after a few hours.

The coverage is buildable, so if you have too many pores or acne marks, you might have to use a double layer. But, this cream covers most of the redness and acne spots. 

This product also works well as a primer. If you want more coverage, then you can use it underneath your foundation. This BB cream will create a clear base for your foundation to setup.

This has a very lightweight formula. It won’t feel cakey underneath your makeup. It blends well and gives a silky and soft base. 

Nyx BB cream has a shade variety to choose from. You can find a somewhat similar shade for your skin. Usually, other brands do not offer you shades. But, NYX has limited yet some shades to offer.

They have different undertones.  For matching shades, undertones are much more important.

Typically, other BB creams don’t have a choice of undertones so that it might look whiter or more orange in your skin. As NYX offers undertone shades, you can use it easily.

Usually, BB creams are on the pricier items. But NYX bb cream will be in your price range and daily used items. It comes in a tube packaging. You can put it in your purse.

The packaging is excellent and also travel-friendly. You need a minimal amount to cover your face. This cream will last you for a few months. So you get a good value of money.

This cream gives a dewy finish. But, for dry skin, you should use a minimum amount. If your skin is super dry, then using more products can cause white cast. 

After applying, you will get a subtle glow on your face. This cream doesn’t oxidize so that you can wear it all day long. The staying power of this cream is decent. It remains for 4 to 5 hours on your skin. 

Remarkable benefits from NYX BB cream:

Let’s see the pointed benefits from this premium quality BB cream.

NYX BB cream for medium to full coverage: 

Typically, this premium-grade cream is recommended for the maximum skin tone. Yes! It can hydrate your dry skin effectively. 

On the other hand, it can also soak excess grease to give you the ultra-freshness. Usually, this product comes with a light-weight formula. That’s why you can get a buildable finish with the medium to full coverage. 

Moreover, this product gives the fastest development with the smudge-proof crucial application. 

Get rid of dry patches: 

Yes! We know how irritating dry patch is. To get rid of this issue this BB cream comes with permanent healing.

Typically, its active ingredients with natural finish kill all germs and bacteria from your skin and improve the texture. 

Ease of application: 

A few amounts are far enough to get the ultimate result. And without any applicator, you can give the perfect rub. 

After that, you will notice its rapid action for quick healing and get back your natural beauty. However, this cream also includes a vast number of benefits. Also, we notice a few limitations.  So let’s see these


  • Lightweight formula.
  • A little amount goes a long way.
  • Suitable for oily skin.
  • The packaging is travel-friendly.
  • It gives a natural finish.
  • It gives a radiant look on the face.
  • It has a light and pleasant scent.


  • It doesn’t contain SPF.
  • The shade range is limited.

NYX BB cream is a budget-friendly BB cream you can try. This product is available in a lot of places. You will use a little amount of product each time. The formula is creamy and smooth.

Easy to blend formula makes this product ideal for the beginners. Plus, the packaging is very smart looking and travel-friendly. The formula is thin and leaves your face with luminosity.

Try this cream if you want to add a new BB cream in your vanity. This affordable BB cream will do its job correctly.