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Mac Strobe Cream Dupe – Review and Buying Guide [2021]

Mac Strobe Cream Dupe - Review

Radiant and glowing makeup is the goal nowadays. Almost every one of us is tired of the matte look. It doesn’t suit everyone. Moreover, dry even combination skin people find it too dry on the skin.

The entire face looks dry and dehydrated. The matte look takes the natural oil from your face also. Silky and radiant makeup is on the trend now. You can use a strobe cream to glow within your makeup.

MAC strobe cream is one of the popular and widely used strobe creams. You put it before applying foundation or add a few amounts with the foundation.

It will give you a radiant look. Your face will look healthy and beautiful. MAC strobe cream is pricey and might not be in everyone’s budget.

But luckily, there are some dupes of MAC strobe cream. You can try any of those, as the mini size is also pricey. In this article, I will show the dupes for MAC strobe cream. You can also check the best mac velvet teddy dupe.

MAC Strobe Cream

MAC strobe cream is an illuminator. It adds glow to your skin. This cream can be used before or with your foundation. It gives a subtle glow to your face; you don’t have to use a highlighter.

It has a creamy texture, so it feels smoother than the powder highlighter. For the texture, it gives smoother looks to your skin. This cream comes in 4 different shades.

Here are the shades:

  • Pinklite: This is the original shade. It has a pink pearl shin. It works well on fair skin.
  • Goldlite: It has a gold sheen. It works well in a medium skin tone.
  • Peachlite: This peachy coral color is so beautiful and flattering in a wide range of skin tones. 
  • Silverlite: A bold silver shade. It works well in a lighter skin tone. 

Mac Strobe cream doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin. This is so light and blends smoothly.

This formula is hydrating and gentle to your skin. You can use it on your bare skin or blend with your foundation. It gives you a subtle glow that you have always dreamed of. 

Dupes of MAC Strobe Cream

You have to pay a hefty amount for MAC strobe cream. We have some affordable alternatives for you that can be used as the second choice for MAC strobe cream. These are drugstore items and won’t break your bank account.

1. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

MYX has always been my favorite drugstore brand. To fix the tired-looking skin it gives the best performance. Its regular use will get back your natural shine permanently.

Their born to glow line has an illuminator that is the exact dupe of MAC strobe cream.

The lightweight and pigmented formula are available in 4 stunning shades. The shades will add a splash of color with a radiant look to your face. This cream in a similar tube packaging like MAC.

This amazing formula can be used with your primer or foundation. It evenly applies to your skin. The formula is long-wearing and adds the perfect glow.  But the colors are not for everyday use.

However, this cream dupe helps to maintain different shades and perfect for oily skin tone.

2. L’Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

The lumi light primer is somewhat similar to the Mac strobe cream. But it can be used as a primer. It gives a luminous effect with a radiant glow. The formula is so lightweight it felts nothing on the skin.

It is not streaky and goes perfect with foundation or your primer. If you love the dewy finish, then this is your ideal choice.

This primer also hydrates your skin and makes your makeup last for long. This formula is excellent for dry skin for its excellent moisturizing formula. 

3. Rimmel Insta Strobing Highlighter

Rimmel is an affordable drugstore brand that makes the right quality products.

Moreover, you will love its travel size packaging. Typically, this solution enrich with fruit extracts, vitamins, moistures and other active natural ingredients.

Also, it includes a minimal amount of chemical items, but the solution is free from any harsh chemical. Even this product is free from dense fragrance and a suitable option for sensitive skin.

Their strobing highlighter is a dupe for Mac strobe cream. It comes in three shades that go with almost every skin tone.

The formula is consistent and long-lasting. It adds the perfect shine to your makeup look.

You can mix this with your foundation. This formula is suitable for all skin types. It gives a natural radiant finish to the skin. 

(Note: Use it after wearing your eyeshadow)

4. Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter

Another favorite drugstore brand, Maybelline, also has a dupe for Mac strobe cream. The master strobing illuminating highlighter is another close dupe for the MAC one.

It gives an instant glow to your face, but it never leaves any oily effect on your skin. This highlighter has a creamy texture and comes in a tube packaging. You can add it with your foundation to add some glow to your makeup.

This illuminator is also available in some shades. This budget-friendly alternative can be a suitable replacement for the MAC strobe cream. 


MAC strobe cream is a cult-favorite and gives a phenomenal look to your makeup. But as it is very pricey, not everyone can go for it.

These alternatives to Mac strobe cream can be a very good option. Even though these are cheaper, but they have the right consistency and quality.

These will deliver almost the same result to your makeup look without causing a dent in your wallet. You will get the same, dewy and luminous finish.