Whale Tail 'It's a Fluke'

from the set of Wyland's Public Television show "Wyland's Art Studio"

One of the most incredible things you can see in all of nature is when the great whale raises it's flukes above the surface of the water. Enjoy learning some special effect tips while painting this great whale tail in black and white! Don't forget to post your master piece on your very own page in our Virtual Gallery when you’re finished!


Path to Follow

Written Lessons

from the set of Susan's Public Television show "Scheewe Art Workshop"

Join Susan in her Art Workshop as she shows us how easy it is to paint a country path. Watch for the supply list in the beginning of the episode so you can paint along too. 

Create TV

Autumn Road

by Kevin Hill

Fall has arrived and Kevin is ready to help you create this gorgeous painting! Discover his technique in painting an array of crisp autumn colors! Let's get started!

Butterflies and Daisies (Part 1 & 2)

from the set of Wilson Bickford's Television show "PAINTING WITH WILSON BICKFORD"

Wilson teaches us all the steps we need to create our own painting and not be afraid to try something new. He also helps us understand how to create the fuzzy background in contrast to the clarity of the foreground. Watch for some special product tips too! Let's paint!