Loew-CornellĀ® Brushes

by Scheri Bentsen

Loew-Cornell is known and respected for their quality brushes and art supplies and loved by decorative painters, fine artists and crafters alike. Loew-Cornell was founded in 1963 and is now part of Newell Brands which is based out of Georgia.

LaCornielle Golden Taklon series by Loew-Cornell features the basics like Shaders, Angles and Filberts, along with specialty shapes:  Loop, Dagger and Double Filbert. The series has classic black short handles. The Ultra Round (7020) is another in the LaCornielle series favored by folk artist Lynne Andrews. The Ultra Round has excellent water capacity and an exceptional point. The Ultra Rounds have a red band near the brush head with the classic black handle. They can be used for outlining, detail work and controlled washes. These durable and versatile brushes are available in even sizes 2-14.

Another great brush from Loew-Cornell is the Maxine Mop – also a favorite of Lynne Andrews! Specially designed by artist Maxine Thomas the Maxine Mops have purple handles and soft natural white hair bristles. They are flatter than most mops so you can see where the brush is hitting the surface. Maxine Mops are available in sizes: 3/8, ½, ¾ and 1”.

Both the #4 Ultra Round and the ½” Maxine Mop are part of the Lynne Andrews Set, available at Brushes and More. This set has all of Lynne's favorite and most used brushes!  The Lynne Andrews Brush Set consists of a Duster Stippler, Scumbler, Ultra Round and a Maxine Mop. These brushes achieve the Lynne Andrews techniques she teaches. The set contains the four simple tools that enable the artist to produce fine works of art that are both whimsical and beautiful.

Scheri Bentsen

Brushes and More has been working with Loew-Cornell since 1985. Brushes and More hand picks the highest quality tools and supplies for their product line. You can visit the Brushes and More website to see more info about the Loew-Cornell brush line.

Editor’s Note:  Watch Lynne Andrews demonstrate how to paint her wintry “Acorn Odyssey” ornament using her Loew-Cornell brush set. She gives excellent instruction with all the details including her special technique of applying layered washes to build up the painting. It’s fun and easy to follow along. WATCH HERE >


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