Artist Stories - Art and my MRI Distraction

Informative Articles

by Lori Larkey

In our brand new series “Artist Stories” Lori starts us off by telling an art story of her own. She shares how her art served as a needed distraction during a difficult time. The birth of a new and beautiful design came about giving the experience hope and healing.

In The Spotlight

Informative Articles

by Judy Westegaard-Jenkins CDA

Sit a spell and enjoy an up close interview with Judy Westegaard-Jenkins CDA! Learn about how she got started, what inspires her, the various creative jobs that have come her way, and her fascinating journey in life and art!

Gear Up For Greatness!

Informative Articles

by Carol Foldvary-Anderson

Carol teaches us how organizing, clearing out the old and embracing change is an important step in gearing up for greatness. Uncluttering ourselves from distractions from the past, prepares us for our new creative life ahead. Included is a wonderful “Gear Up for Greatness” coloring page.