Studio Surprise!

While visiting with my daughter and playing with her pets she blurted out, “Mom, you should get a cat”. Then another daughter chimed in and agreed. “Well…. I thought, I do love cats but I don’t know…. “. I started thinking of all the work and more work…. etc. etc. Those thoughts didn’t last too long once my daughter took me to greet a few kittens that were close to being ready for adoption. All I could think was - You have CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW! Ahhh,… I’m speaking in cat! Yep, I was done for! While there I found one I liked and before I could CAT-ch myself, I agreed to take her once she was ready to leave her momma. My lukewarm heart was starting to melt with each passing day. 

A few weeks went by and then out of the blue, my kids dropped by with a cute little package in tow (they brought her over in a big ole’ dog carrier making her look itsy bitsy). That day was an interesting one full of surprises that I won’t ever forget. Not only was it the day of the eclipse but I also gained a new little furry friend! My Momma heart was kicking in! My daughter suggested I name her “Luna” which seemed fitting since I experienced the muting of the sun and the brightness of a new sweet kitten - all in one day!

Over time her name has morphed into Lunabell as she jingles around the house on all four paws. Okay, I suppose I must confess that she has pounced her way into my now warm heart. Daily I sense her baby like curiosity along with her blooming instinct with laser focus eyes! As she has settled into my heart and my art studio, she is now the official mascot of that space. So yeah, I think it’s kind of PAW-some…

As I’ve been busy working on this current issue with Lunabell in my lap, I’ve marveled in anticipation at all the incredible projects we can now present to you! This issue is chock-full of surprises and as you take time relax and browse each page, I know you’ll agree. Exciting things have been brewing and with this issue you’ll find all these great artists at your fingertips – Diane Bunker, Lynne Andrews, Jillybean Fitzhenry, Franca Marzi, Jo Sonja, Lisbeth Stull, Sonja Richardson, Janice Timmins, Angela Kennedy and more! Also don’t miss reading Judy Westegaard-Jenkins “In the Spotlight” interview about her fascinating journey in life and art!

I have saved this announcement for the end. Drum roll please!.... There is a NEW hidden gem of a surprise within this issue. Can you find it?? We are super-duper excited to share our new column “Artist Stories”! Each issue will now include interesting stories from some of your favorite artists!!! Don’t waste time, go now and read Lori Larkey’s Artist Story!

Remember to make sure and tell your friends about us, we have so much to share! As we watch the seasons come and go, we hope your days are filled with many happy painting moments shared with friends, loved ones, and maybe a furry companion. Till next time! 

Love, Peace & Painting Smiles!
Erika Joanne
PS… If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please email me and I’ll get you started!