Featured Artist!

Telemark Welcome

Written Lessons

by Jo Sonja® Jansen MDA,VGM

A tomte welcome from Jo Sonja! Experience the beauty and flow of Telemark Rosemaling by painting this colorful piece perfect for the home.

Flower Power

Written Lessons

by Marlene Kruetz CDA

Marlene created this piece using ink, colored pencil, decou-page and heavy paper. You’ll learn the basics for incorporating all of these for dramatic results! The splash of color compliments the gorgeous black and white design perfectly.

Out of the Mist

Written Lessons

by Cindy Makowski

Take a mystical ride into painting as you create Cindy’s fairytale unicorn design. She teaches you the soft blending of the background and brush sketching of the unicorn on canvas. Need a quick gift? Complete this gem in a day!

Horse-Sea Friends

Written Lessons

by Jane Allen

Jane brings us closer to the sea with this delightful and fun mermaid project! It is a sure fit for those who love the water and dream of swimming with sea friends. Grab your paints and dive in!

Bee Welcome

Written Lessons

by Judy Coates

Judy brings cuteness to your painting table with this buzzing-ly fun project on stone! Create this adorable bee for your garden or friends; the summer months are a perfect time to paint up this quickie!

Peaceful Waters

Written Lessons

by Alise Duerr

Capture the beauty of the mountains, trees and water together in this charming colored pencil piece. Enjoy each creative step as Alise teaches you how to layer your colors and develop this lovely summer scene.   

Catching A Big One

Written Lessons

by Anita Morin

Inspired by dreams of fishing, Anita Morin shares easy step-by-step instruction on how to create these great ornaments! You'll learn how to use a candle and flame to add swirls of marbleized smoke to the background along with the details and finishing touches to complete these ornaments!