Macro Sunflower

from the set of Wilson Bickford's Television show "PAINTING WITH WILSON BICKFORD"

Get up close and personal painting this beautiful sunflower with Wilson Bickford. He demonstrates the techniques and colors needed to make the petals and middle of the flower practically jump off the canvas. Let's get started!


from the set of Wyland's Public Television show "Wyland's Art Studio"

Join Wyland in his Art Studio as he shows you how to paint these delightful sea turtles while they swim weightless in the ocean! Capture the under water depth, the radiant sun on the water and the detail of the turtles with his easy step-by-step method! Yes, you can do it!

Morning Glow

Written Lessons

from the set of Susan's Public Television show "Scheewe Art Workshop"

Join Susan in her Art Workshop as she teaches you how easy it is to paint this lovely landscape. She'll give you special tips and tricks to sketch your design and paint with a nice array of color! Get your notebook, pen, paint and brushes and let's begin!

Create TV

Pastel Morning Wave

by Kevin Hill

Create this stunning ocean scene with Kevin as he uses his wet-on-wet method. Learn to create glistening rolling waves and a cloud filled sky as you follow along. You’ll experience just how quick, easy and fun painting can be!