Artist in the Spotlight

Informative Articles

by Wyland Art Studio

Wyland grew up knowing he wanted to be an artist and as a child had an art teacher who took the time to encourage him not only be an artist, but a “great” artist. True to his call in art and conservation, Wyland has worked hard to make a difference and touch the world. Learn about his amazing journey when he coupled his passion of art with the living sea.

Telemark Rosemaling

Informative Articles

by Mary Ellerman CDA

We are now in the fourth part of our informative series with Mary Ellerman as she introduces us to Telemark Rosemaling. Telemark comes from the southeastern part of Norway where the designs are asymmetrical and include toned colors and delicate linework.

Start with Your Heart!

Informative Articles

by Carol Foldvary-Anderson

To find your passion and your path in your art journey starts with the first step of listening to your heart. Carol shares valuable guidance to direct you to tap into what makes your soul sing. Included is a beautiful coloring page to emphasize the role of the heart.