Embedded Art Stories

Works of art tell us stories. Within the color and lines there is a story, an embedded story. Some art stories are simple, some are more complex, and some are hidden. The story might be straight forward from the artist as a narrative. Others might represent subconscious emotion encompassing a story from deep within the artist. In studying art, you have the opportunity to take from it not only in what you see, but what you feel. Studying the life of an artist and their style can also help you decipher and interpret the story. The artist and their art are connected. There are always clues that can be uncovered in their art. 

While visiting Chicago a few years back I had the opportunity to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. I stayed there all day and saw so much. I ran into art pieces I remembered from the art books I studied in college. What a treat! I found a few pieces that really spoke to me and gave me the desire to study further. When stopping to look at a piece and experience it, I found it’s always good to ask yourself these questions. “What inspired the artist to paint this subject?”, “What story were they trying to tell?” and “What do I want to remember and appreciate from this painting and the artist behind the work?” You can take your interest and apply it to some internet sleuthing on the artist. Mary Cassatt did this for me. I read books on her and studied her work more in depth. Stories came forth and I found a special connection to her I didn’t have before which enriched my art knowledge and experience.

The Interactive Artist Magazine can also build and refine your art experience. Such a beautiful array of art is featured in this issue! I found the clean lines of Marlene’s “Flower Power” piece refreshing. Jane’s mermaid makes me smile, and Jo Sonja’s “Telemark Welcome” with carefree yet organized strokes, speaks harmony to my mind. My heart was also tugged with emotion as I read about Wyland and his passion for sea life and clean water in his “Artist Spotlight” interview. I could go on and on but I’ll let you interpret the pieces as you peruse through the magazine and find the art stories that speak to you.

We’d love to spread the word! Many people haven’t enjoyed the benefits of this awesome magazine yet. Please pass us along to your friends and let them know about all the great art you find here. Ta-ta for now! 

Love, Peace & Painting Smiles!
Erika Joanne
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