Featured Video Artist!

Postcards from the Sea

Written Lessons

by Judy Westegaard-Jenkins CDA

The colors of an antique postcard captured Judy's imagination the moment she saw it. Enjoy your special painting time with Judy as you create this simple yet serene seascape. From a white canvas to an antique finish, sail away on your own artistic journey!

Daisies with Colorful Centers

Written Lessons

by Louise Jackson MDA

Enjoy a fun and unique learning experience as you paint with watercolor on Yupo paper. Paint along with Louise as she teaches you how to create cheerful daisies on a gorgeous bright background. She shows you step-by-step just how easy it is!

Clematis on Glass

Written Lessons

by Jillybean Fitzhenry

Follow along and learn with ease from Jillybean as she creates this elegant clematis design on glass. She explains how to paint each element of the design from taping off the area, applying the frosted background and painting with DecoArt Gloss Enamels.

Pink Peony on Canvas

Written Lessons

by Mary Wiseman

Mary walks you through the acrylic painting steps of creating this lovely pink peony set in a dark leafy background. This gorgeous project is a perfect motivator to start thinking Spring!

Stroke Study (Best of Video Lessons)

Written Lessons

by Donna Dewberry

Think spring as you learn and practice strokes with world renown artist, author Donna Dewberry in her very own "One Stroke" painting technique! Donna shares a wonderful stroke study using 13 of her favorite brushes. She shows you how she loads the brushes and combines strokes to create beautiful flowers, leaves and more.