Peach Sunrise

by Kevin Hill

Enjoy this incredible new series we are running by Kevin Hill! He offers step-by-step instruction for creating this beautiful sunrise along with sharing helpful hints on brush strokes and color blending. This lesson is sure to get your artistic ideas flowing. Have fun as you paint along with Kevin!

Summer Delight

Written Lessons

from the set of Susan's Public Television show "Scheewe Art Workshop"

Paint this delightful summer scene right in your own home. Sue combines her love of teaching with easy to follow instructions to guide you through this delightful summer landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or starting brand new, you’re sure to enjoy this refreshing experience with Susan in her Art Workshop!

Create TV

Sea Turtle

from the set of Wyland's Public Television show "Wyland's Art Studio"

Wyland teaches us how to paint this magnificent coral reef along with some amazing sea creatures that live below. Learn about the wonders of the sea and the importance of keeping it clean. It all comes together with his special drawing and painting techniques. So gather your painting supplies and get ready to dive into Wyland's Art Studio.

Out to Pasture Part 1 & 2

from the set of Wilson Bickford's Television show "PAINTING WITH WILSON BICKFORD"

Old cars and trucks have a lot of character – and make great painting subjects! In this 2 part episode an old truck has been left to rust in a flowery pasture. Using both acrylics and oils, Wilson teaches us how to transfer a pattern, mask out the truck and paint the background with acrylic undertones. In Part 2 you’ll really have fun when it all comes together with the final touches and details. So get comfortable and let’s start painting!