"Love the magazine and would have renewed even without an incentive! Hope everyone feels the same way, keep up the great work. We really need you since the decorative painting world is changing."
-Sincerely, Bobbie Basinger


"I was so happy with my practice picture that I decided to frame it. I painted some of Margot Clark's apples for practice this week and was very pleased with the results. I have found that deciding where to put shadows in any painting is easier to me for having taken Margot's lessons. Thank you!"
-Barbara Keith


" I just wanted to let you know I received my free bag yesterday. It is wonderful! Very good quality! Thanks again, for a great gift and as always, a great e-magazine. "


"I’m one of the lucky ones that take oil painting lessons from Michael Cheek once a month in his home. He turned me on to your magazine and I absolutely love it. I just watched Bobbie Koelsch’s video on Paint it Simply Floral and what an eye opener. It’s a new way for me to paint and to learn to relax and not be so structured in my painting. She does a terrific job in teaching, it’s just like you’re sitting down with her as she explains “happy accidents”. I can’t wait to try it out."


"I LOVE the magazine and "just eat it up"...but this time I did want to write and thank you for the article by Jane Drynan. Soon I will have my granddaughters for a week and will share her project with them. Have wanted for a long time to have something exciting that they could do to share my love of painting with them. Thank you so much for all your hard work on the magazine. It is truly enjoyed and appreciated."
- Glenda


"I just want to say I love [Kathi Hanson's] lampshade and can't wait to do it. I love IAMagazine too. Thanks for such a great project."
- Judi, Matlacha


"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed watching Ginger Cook's segment in the April to May edition. As a new artist I found her color mixing advice easy to understand and was pleased to learn so much. The concept of adding a universal colour was totally new to me, but I got it. Color mixing is one area I struggle with and watching someone make it easy for me is wonderful. I would love to see more segments from her. Thanks for such a great magazine...the subscription price is such great value for the new stuff I am learning."
- Judy


"I am tethered to the house because of my sick husband which does not allow for me to get out and take lessons or spend any amount of time away from home. Your magazine and the artists that share are a life saver to me. I have been with you since the beginning and have enjoyed every issue and look forward to the many more to come. Thank you and keep up the great work!"
- Marlene
New Hope, PA


"I enjoyed your magazine, so much. I really liked Jillybean and the Poinsetta lesson. Her video was great! I have not painted many flowers like that and, after watching Jillybean, I can now attempt to paint them with confidence. Love that you have brought in other techniques including oils, textures and watercolours...something for everyone. Keep up the great work."
- Donna


"Thank you so much for Interactive Artists Magazine...I truly love the video's. The interview with Wyland was awesome - he is truly an inspiration to others around him. The mere fact he is targeting the children is wonderful. The video with Peggy Harris...she is so full of information and is so willing to share it all with us. I open the magazine every day and listen to a new video or read another article...I LOVE IT!! Keep doing what your doing."
- Gloria Falk


"I just want to tell you how much I love your "magazine". I haven't looked at it in a month or so. Life gets busy, I do a bit on the computer and then all of a sudden I forget to go to your website. I was pleasantly surprised to see all new things when I logged on today. I feel so bad from what I've missed that I have made you my "homepage". Now I won't miss a thing! I love the videos and having the patterns available. I'm now inspired to get painting!"
- Betty Newhouse


"I just wanted to thank you for your interesting video on colour theory in the Interactive Artist Magazine. I'm new to painting and colour theory is on my must learn list. Your videos though kept me interested and taught me a lot. I appreciate the work you have put in and wanted you to know that it made a difference to me."
- Judy Rosche


"I am writing to say that my posting and uploading my artwork was so very easy !! It was certainly one of the most easiest upload navigation I have had. Thank you!"
- Marlene


"I am very impressed with the set up and organization at Interactive Artist Magazine. Honestly, what impresses me the most are the people, such Dawn and Kitty who respond so quickly to a member's needs. Thank you for your courteous and kind attention. This kind of customer service denotes a quality organization, which is of course a direct reflection of the people who run it!"
- Gloria Grant


"I just wanted to take the time to tell you that I am so impressed with the way the Interactive Artist Magazine is coming along. The quality of the artists, videos, and projects are the best out there! I know it takes a lot of work and dedication on your part and those who help you out. It’s very much appreciated."
- Patty O’Bleness



"I'm trying to learn how to get around in the site as I'm not the computer wiz, but I wanted to thank you so much and I love being with Interactive Artist Magazine. "
- Linda Potter



"Great Magazine. This magazine is making a seriously needed forward step in on-line education. It is relevant, inspirational, informative, educational, broad and well worth your time and money to consider."
- Darrell Crow
Read the full review at Darrell Crow Studio News & Tips.


"Something new and exciting - February 14 welcomed the launch of the all-new Interactive Artist Magazine. This is an online magazine committed to providing you with creative inspiration and information, right at your fingertips 24/7. Created and presented by D & A Publishing. Many of you already know CEO/Publisher Dawn Knowles from her years of work with Martin F. Weber Company. Dawn has created a new company and its first major project is this magazine. Our own Kitty Gorrell is Editor in Chief so you will be seeing updates on the magazine often. I subscribed to this inventive new magazine and I can honestly tell you that is an exceptional educational tool for those who want to continue their growth in their artistic endeavors."
- Mandy Steele


“I just watched a DVD online of Joyce Ortner (my favorite seascape artist) painting a "simple" seascape and it was fantastic. That alone was worth the subscription! There is so much other stuff too and you can put your own paintings up in it and advertise stuff for a reasonable price.”
- Bob Ross Painting Club


“You don't know me but I just wanted to stop in and say "thanks" for putting together such a great online painting magazine! I love all the videos and interesting articles. The current "issue" is my second issue in my subscription."
- Jeri in Iowa


“I am officially subscribed and already love the magazine and lessons and could barely wait to get home to look into the steps to paint. I'm already sure to subscribe again next year."
- Dale


“I just wanted to say thanks for this magazine. I it is fantastic!! I am a visual learner and I truly LOVE the videos."
- Bev Davis