Creative Goals & No. 8 is Great!

As life moves at a speedy pace, it has become my experience that any creative goals I would like to accomplish must find their way out of my mind and onto a goal list. Otherwise, I get lost in a bunch of wishes that come and go in a fleeting moment only to be easily forgotten. Making that decisive choice to write down my goals, even calendaring them, gets me over the mountain and really half the battle is won at that point. All this planning gives me the go ahead to grasp the heels of time and make creative things happen.

With that said, we are now well into the new year with January in the past and I’ve realized I haven’t made that creative list for myself. My painting business has been thought about and goals made, but there’s no plan in place for my personal growth in art. Does this resonate with you? If so, let’s challenge ourselves to get some goals down and begin the exciting journey of artful learning. This is a good time to start asking ourselves, “What do I want to learn this year?” and “Do I need to try something new and challenge myself, or do I need to go back to the basics?” You’ll find a perfect planning opportunity presents itself with this packed Anniversary Issue!

Interactive Artist Magazine is celebrating a birthday! Eight wonderful years! From its inception till now, love has been poured into each issue from all involved. We especially want to thank our generous and talented contributors and supportive subscribers. We truly appreciate you!

A little perusing through this issue and you’ll find a wide range of artful lessons at your fingertips! Our artists have been hard at work! We’ve also brought back a few great lessons from the past for you to enjoy. The lessons in this issue include artwork by Ursula Wollenberg, Mary M. Wiseman, Judy Westegaard CDA, Louise Jackson MDA, Jillybean Fitzhenry, Masayo Kunioka CDA, Gisele Pope and Sandy McTier - just to name a few. We have the opportunity to learn from the best! Make sure to read through each artist’s bio (talk about accomplishments!). Also, don't miss our interesting in-depth interview with Linda Sharp CDA about her life and journey in art.

As you get your art on and reach towards your goals, drop us a line and share a photo or two. We’d love to hear about your personal growth in art and see what you’ve been working on. 

Love, Peace & Painting Smiles!
Erika Joanne

PS… If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please email me and I’ll get you started!