Grammie Camp

This summer my grandbabies will be traveling over hill and dale to my neck of the woods for “Grammie Camp”. They all live thousands of miles away and don’t often have the chance to visit. I can’t tell you how excited I am! As summer comes rolling to a close, this will be my final hurrah before the crisp days of fall arrive.

In getting ready for my little camp, I’ve planned activities and adventures that hopefully will build some fun memories we can warmly look back on. There will be movies, games, treats, ferry rides, slippery slides, park visits, BBQ’s and of course - PAINTING! This hasn’t been completely planned yet… There are so many ideas to choose from! My friend had her grandchildren paint ladybug rocks which they lined up in her garden. She now will be continually reminded of the sweet time she had with them. Hmmm…. Water gun tie dye t-shirts, handprints, garden rock caterpillars, tape resist painting, painted owl golf ball ornaments…? It’s completely ridiculous… but I kind-of want to do them all! Well, before they arrive, I need to decide and have everything ready to go. There are a multitude of smiles in my heart! If any of this motivates a grandbaby or two of mine to pick up the brush and learn more – my heart will be joyous! In fact, I think I’ll add a new activity to the list, “Take time to watch an IAM video lesson with my grandbabies”. Now I have a new decision - which one to watch….??

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your last summer hurrah, this issue has a beautiful arrangement of projects to choose from. Tracy Moreau shares her lovely “Seas the Day” design with us which has been chosen as our Featured Video. Our Featured Written lesson by Franca Marzi, is a perfectly cute farmhouse styled piece called “Give Thanks” - both in English and Italian! You’ll also see that we have Lydia Steeves, Jo Sonja Jansen, Marianne Andreazza, Elaina Appleby, Patti DeRenzo, Janice Timmins, Donna Roskamp and more! As you anticipate the changing of the season, this is the time to start planning what will be on your painting table. We hope you find something that will keep your mind and your hands busy and fulfilled.

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Love, Peace & Painting Smiles!

Erika Joanne

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