Featured Video Lesson!

Dance Shoes

Written Lessons

by Valerie Stewart

With an eye for detail and an expert in painting portraits, Valerie shows you how to bring this painting to life. In this video you’ll learn the process of creating life-like skin tones as each layer of color is applied. It’s magical to watch!


Written Lessons

by Debbie Cotton

Using DecoArt’s Texture Crackle Paste and lots of color, paint along with Debbie in creating this amazing fish and oceanic background. This loose style of building color as you go, is a fantastic and fun way to paint.

Priscilla Hauser’s Paint and Party Grapes

Written Lessons

by Priscilla Hauser

Join the Party!  Priscilla's painting party... as she shows these special students how to create this fun and easy grape project. You'll have a good time painting right along with them! Then go teach your own special group of friends, grandkids, girl scouts, church group etc. All you have to do is get started!

Calla Lilies

Written Lessons

by Vilma Fabretti CDA

Through video, Vilma teaches these beautiful Calla Lilies in her native tongue, Spanish. Whether you understand Spanish or not, you can follow along using the instructions provided. These small exotic Calla Lilies are typically grown in a pot and used to decorate homes and shops. Why not try your hand at creating your own for display?

Floral Garden Chalkboard

Written Lessons

by Carol Craig

Carol guides you through each step in painting up this beautiful and bright array of Spring flowers. Not only is this sweet floral design perfect for all levels of painting, it’s also great for the beginning student who wants to try their hand at painting flowers for the first time.