DecoArt’s NEW Premium Line of Tube Acrylics

by DecoArt


Looking to paint designs on canvas to hang as wall décor? Americana© Premium©, DecoArt’s new line of tube acrylics, offers you the same quality you have come to trust from its Americana line in an intermediate-level, artist-grade tube acrylic. Its satin-sheened, medium-bodied formula is designed specifically to work well on canvas, and at an affordable price point. Each 2.54-oz tube is made in the USA and is non-toxic and water-based for easy clean-up. Available in 47 fine art colors, including two metallics, the heavily-pigmented paint is intermixable to create an endless array of colors. You can use it alone or mix it with one of the available mediums:

Americana® Premium™ Heavy Gel Medium Gloss
Has an extra thick viscosity that is ideal for impasto techniques in mixed media painting and will allow you to build textures. It can be tinted with Media Fluid Acrylics and will hold peaks. Dries to a hard, translucent finish.

Americana® Premium™ Extender Medium
Add this to slow the drying time of Premium Acrylics. It can also be safely added to the other mediums in the line. Any time you want paint or medium to have more working time, add some Extender to it. Extender also allows you to perform oil techniques using acrylic paint.

Americana® Premium™ Texture Medium
A medium for creating impasto or texture techniques when mixed with Premium Acrylics. Made from a fine grind of powder, this medium is perfect for adding texture to paint. Texture Medium is made from about 50% solids and is semi-translucent. This means that it will not affect the color you add it to and will assist in making the paint more opaque. This medium is compatible with all other mediums, so the choices and mixes are endless.

Americana® Premium™ Matte & Gloss Medium
An acrylic medium that allows you to change the properties of Americana Premium and

increase the number of ways it can be used. Its most common use is to increase the fluidity and transparency of the paint without altering the viscosity. It can also be used as a matting agent, glue, photo transfer medium, fixative, transparent ground, barrier coat, and more.

Americana® Premium™ Gesso
A highly-pigmented gesso that is a smooth and flexible primer and texture-builder, Gesso

provides superior, one-coat coverage to most surfaces. Available in White or Black; White can be tinted with Americana Premium Acrylics.

The simplicity of these paints and mediums make them ideal for creating canvas art. For more information on the Americana© Premium™ line, including where to purchase, visit their website at:  (or) send an email to:


NEW! “#BeInspired” by Sandy McTier

Book Review by Jillybean Fitzhenry 

Inspiring, creative and amazing designs by Sandy McTier only begin to describe this charming book. All of Sandy’s fun tips and tricks for painting unique designs and backgrounds are reveled in this easy to learn acrylic painting book.

You’ll be inspired by the unique backgrounds that make these projects standout. The mystery of using collage papers, stencils and specialty media products are revealed in easy to comprehend step-by-step directions. Choosing the right tools and brushes are also explained.

The creative designs include something for all seasons; Hydrangea, Gerber Daisies, Elegant Rose, Glorious Grapes, Winter Wonderland, Autumn Pumpkins and Sunflowers and sweet little girls that allow you to dream. Each heartfelt design generates an uncontrollable urge to smile! You can find more information about “#BeInspired” and it’s author Sandy McTier at: 

Jill Fitzhenry

Dynasty Designers Coordinator
Cell:  612-961-3380

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