Gallery Pouchâ„¢ by Frame Destination

By Sandy McTier


I recently received some Gallery Pouch samples and I have to tell you ~ I am SOLD!

How many times have you gone to a painting convention, class or workshop and wished you had something to carry your art in when you were ready to leave? How many of you sell your work and have a difficult time finding something that will not only protect it but arrive to the customer in a clean, stylish and professional manner? How about looking for something to carry your original artwork in to a gallery or event? If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then I’ve found the perfect product to share with you!

Gallery Pouch™ pouches come in a variety of sizes and are made out of a heavy duty, almost industrial, strength bubbled plastic. It’s difficult to pop the air filled bubbles, unlike regular bubble material. I recently traveled to Creative Painting in Vegas and to teach two seminars in Louisiana and Florida. I’d normally wrap my original art with bubble wrap and place it between my clothing in my suitcase. Although traditional bubble materials protect the surface, it’s still pliable and moves when things push against it. The Gallery Pouches were sturdy, stiff and provided the protection my artwork needed and deserved.

I also packed one of my cherished art journals inside a Gallery Pouch and took it along to share at these events. My 10x7 art journal fit perfectly inside the 9x11 pouch and protected the covers and contents while traveling. I look forward to sharing these pouches with my students as they are always on the lookout for something to carry their finished pieces in. A lot of them also worry about pieces they’ve created but haven’t displayed or sold yet, and these pouches are certainly the answer to protect their art while being stored in their studios. This led me to think of all my artist friends who take their artwork to tradeshows and use traditional bubble wrap and the resulting wear and tear on the bubbles when using tape. These pouches are the ANSWER! You won’t have to spend time trying to remove the tape, saving your packing materials. These Gallery Pouches are sturdy enough to store and transport your valuable pieces of art, and once the show is over… right back in the pouches your art goes. You could even label them, so you know which piece goes in each – what a time saver that would be!!

You can find more information here: Click Here

You can click on the various sizes, with or without Velcro. For protecting your priceless artwork – whether shipping it to a customer, transporting it to an event or storing it in your inventory – the price is reasonable, and the materials will more than protect all of your creations!

Sandy McTier

IAM Editor in Chief

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