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Old World Fruit

by Lori Puszakowski-Schmidt

This particular project was inspired and designed for a decorative work of art for your home. The canvas size for this painting is one of my favorite compositions to create and design the fruit. I painted the background black and then sketched the different sized fruit with white chalk. The style of painting is the One Stoke technique with a touch of abstract. I apply the paint with acrylics using the One Stroke method and then add dry brush accents using many colors to add dimension to the fruit.

Instant Gratification

by Diane Bunker

Learn how to turn any garment into something beautiful to wear. You wont believe how quick and easy it is.

Drawing for Beginners (Part 2)

by Gisèle Grenier

If you've never picked up a drawing pencil, this workshop is for you. The series will contain many videos and visuals over the next few months starting with the basics and will build up into specialized technique, finishing with a formal drawing of a puppy that's tipped over a flower pot. You'll learn about various supplies, what they can and cannot do, types of values, blending, textures and such. No drawing experience is necessary, but this workshop is also great for those wanting to refresh their drawing skills.

Autumn Splendor Cabin

by Sharon McNamara Black

Paint, mediums and brushes are the tools in Sharon McNamara Black’s trade, knowing how and when to use them will make it possible for you to paint sceneries using acrylic paint. Come watch Sharon’s product and brush demonstration to see how she layers Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours and Mediums and how she uses specific brushes to paint skies, land and water, foliage and an old log cabin.