Featured Video Artist!

Cuna Woman

Written Lessons

by Mark Menendez

Mark brings you video instruction on how to create this striking and gorgeous Cuna woman from Central America. From start to finish, you'll learn how to master the movement of the pencil. You’ll learn color value, shading, and creating realism in this vibrant and unique colored pencil project!

Button Up Snowie

Written Lessons

by Deb Antonick

Deb brings us an overload of cute frostiness with this easy to follow video! Watch Deb paint up some mixed-media magic using stencils, stamps, scrapbook paper, and a variety of DecoArt products.


Written Lessons

by AnnaMarie Oke

Annamarie will walk you through the steps of painting with a combination of Pebeo Vitrail and texture on canvas. Paint this lovely sunflower and unlock some of your hidden creativity with her fun and loose style!

Popping Poppies

Written Lessons

by Lori Puszakowski-Schmidt

Lori shares her relaxing style of wet on wet painting with bold colors on canvas. This lovely and loose poppy project is a great way to step into painting with ease and have fun at the same time!

Hydrangea & Brass

Written Lessons

by Justine Vraniak

Paint this gorgeous hydrangea bouquet in oils with Justine. While working from a photo, she teaches you how to look for the various values and trust in yourself and what you see. She gives you lots of great tips in the thought process of painting.