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Best Pomades for Natural Hair [2021]

Best Pomades for Natural Hair

If you want a natural hairstyle, you might want to set it up with a pomade. Natural hair is defined by firmly styled, natural-looking, much textured, and has a smooth feeling.

A good pomade can help you with that. There are a lot of pomades in the market. But not all are for natural hair. Depending on their texture and features, they are suitable for different hair.

As the hair texture changes from person to person, you can’t use the first Pomade you see in the shop. If you want something for natural hair, then you have to concentrate on that.

Pomades are safe to use. You won’t be risking up your natural hair for pomades. They are made with natural ingredients, and they improve the overall quality of your hair.

In this article, I will focus on the pomades that work best on natural hair. You need to figure out your hair type and what exactly you want your hairstyle to be.

Depending on that, you will choose the Pomade for your hair. There are some basic facts that you should keep in mind. If your hair is long, then you need a pomade that doesn’t stiff your hair.

If you have fine and thin hair, you need a pomade that adds volume to your hair. In this article, I will focus on pomades that work on natural hair. Go through the rest of the article to find the best Pomade for natural hair.

Things to consider before buying Pomade for natural hair

If you are new to hair pomades, then let’s talk about some basic things. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know a single thing about hair pomades. 

You can’t use any pomade on your hair. It would be best if you considered a few facts before purchasing a pomade.

The type of Pomade

There are types of pomades. There are mainly two types of pomades. One is a water-based, and the other is an oil-based. Usually, the water-based pomades have a light texture.

They are very light on the hair. It is best for oily hair. These pomades will reduce the excess oil your hair produces.

On the other hand, oil-based pomades are a bit thicker and heavy on the hair. It leaves your hair oily. It is best for dry and thin hair. These leave your hair glossy and shiny.

The Type of Hair

Your hair type has a significant role to play. You should know what exactly your hair needs. The textures play a big part.

If you have straight hair, then your choice goes wider. You can use almost any kind of Pomade. I would suggest going to wax or clay ones.

If your hair is rough and hard to control, then try a pomade with a good grip. It will help you to tame your unruly hair.

For wavy hairs, it is good to try something that moisturizes your hair. Cream-based pomades can do magic to wavy hairs.

If you have curly hair, you need something that gives a strong grip and makes your hair look shiny. For thick hair, don’t apply too much Pomade. A little amount will do the trick.

Best 5 Pomades for Natural Hair

Hanz de Fuko Heavymade- Hair Styling Gel Pomade with a High Shine Finish

This is one of the best hair pomades for natural hair. This product is made with natural ingredients and there is no chance of side effects for the sensitive scalp. It contains peels of lemon, flowers, and many other natural ingredients.

Its regular use will give a strong hold and a high shine naturally.

It makes your hair look nourished and well maintained. This Pomade gives you the perfect balance of texture and shine. You can get the best hairstyles for your natural hair with this product.

It leaves your hair look glossy and moisturized. That means to get rid of dry hair, this gel-based pomade gives the ultimate result.

It keeps your hair in place all day. Even you can reshape your wavy hair easily. You get a firm grip on your natural hair and set it up the way you like.


  • It consists of natural ingredients.
  • Nourishes your hair.
  • You can do any kind of styling.
  • Gives high shine


  • It makes your hair oily.
  • Not recommend for thin hair

JS Sloane Medium Weight Brilliantine

If your natural hair has so many issues like breakage, hair look, and dryness, it is the best Pomade for your hair. It saves your hair from damages and other items.

This Pomade also nourishes your hair from the root. You will have noticeable changes after few times of use. The shine is also amazing. It gives an overall healthy look to your natural hair.

You don’t have to keep combing your hair throughout the day. The water-based formula is light to hair and can be easily washed. This product lets you do any hairstyle.


  • Water-based formula.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Let’s do any styles.
  • It nourishes dull hair.


  • Your hair might feel sticky. 

Mystic Man Styling Pomade & Beard Balm Oil

This Pomade is a bit different from the others, as you can take care of not only your hair but also facial hair. This Pomade is made with purely organic ingredients, which makes it safe to use.

It contains Sedr, which is suitable for cleaning and protecting your hair growth. It also contains beeswax that gives a firm grip on your natural hair.

You will get a flexible hold by using this Pomade. You can do any style you want. This product also makes your hair stay soft and smooth. It contains a soothing lemon smell.

But the pointed fact is to fix the thick hair in proper shape, this oil-based pomade comes with the ultimate solution. The active natural ingredients help to moisturize your dry scalp and give the natural shine.

Even this product is quite dependable for the oily scalp, because, it never put the excess level of greasy effect.

Typically, it makes a medium hold, but the effect lasts all day long. Moreover, this solution is water soluble and easy to wash.

On the other hand, this product is free from bad smell, and perfect for the maximum hair types.


  • It is made with natural ingredients.
  • Great for both facial and normal hair.
  • It gives a natural growth to your hair.
  • Hair light.


  • None.

Seven Potions Hair Styling Pomade For Men 3.4 fl oz – High Shine – High Hold – Water Based

The crucial point is its ultra-durable formula with an appealing shine. This Pomade is organic. It is safe to use in your natural hair. This Pomade gives a firm grip. It leaves your hair look healthy and shiny.

Also, this solution helps to improve hair growth and enhances volume.

It provides a long-lasting hair look to your natural hair. The water-based formula is very light and easy to work with. You can easily wash it off.

As it is free from harsh ingredients, this water-based pomade is also recommended for the sensitive scalp.

This Pomade gives a firm grip that lets you do any styling. It protects your damaged hair. It also has a pleasant smell, which is not overpowering.

For being water-based formula, this Pomade is not thick on your hair. It also doesn’t make your hair look oily or greasy. 


  • Water-based formula.
  • One of the best curly hair products
  • Easy to clean.
  • Very light on your hair.
  • Doesn’t make your hair oily or greasy.


  • Your hair might feel sticky. 

The Cardinal Brand Icarus High Shine Pomade

If you want shiny and glossy hair, you will love this Pomade. It is perfect for dull and rough hair, as it makes it look bright and smooth. It nourishes your hair.

Typically, it enrich with the sufficient amount of moisture to recover the dry scalp and enhances the natural shine.

You can style your hair effortlessly. You can achieve any style you want. It also gives and bounce and shine to your hair. This Pomade is easy to wash- off.

This Pomade makes the quality of your hair better. Natural bounce and shine will give you a good impression for sure.


  • It adds volume to your hair.
  • Makes your hair shiny.
  • It conditions your hair.
  • Easy to clean.


  • You might feel your hair oily. 

How to style your hair with a pomade?

First, you need to select the Pomade good for your hair. Then comb through your hair, so that there is no tangle and everything is smooth.

Wet or damp your hair lightly, so that you can apply Pomade precisely. The damp hair will let the Pomade easily dissolve. Each strand will get an equal amount of product.

Do not get over the top with the amount of the Pomade. A little goes a long way. After applying Pomade, comb through your hair so that you get the product evenly. Style your hair in whatever way you like. 


Hair pomades are the safest hair product you will get. It is not harsh to your hair. Your hair will get natural nourishment.

All of the pomades I have on the list is safe and easy to use. My favorite is the Mystic Man Styling Pomade & Beard Balm Oil.

One unique feature that makes it step up from the others is that you can use it on your hair and beard. It is easy to clean. This Pomade also gives your nourishment from the roots. Your overall hair gets better.

Try any of the pomades I have mentioned. All of the items are safe to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wash Pomade before going to bed?

Ans: If you want to keep your skin safe and acne-free, then wash your hair before bedtime. It has a wax texture, so wash it off before bedtime.

Is Pomade stronger than gel?

Ans: Pomade can be a flake-free version of hair gel. The gel makes your hair stiff. Pomades keep your hair soft.

Can Pomade cause hair loss?

Ans: Pomades are safe to use. They do not cause hair loss.