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Best Pomade for Thin Hair [2021]

Best Pomade for Thin Hair

Thins hairs can be a big problem. As the strands are thin, it falls flat and looks like you don’t have enough hair. Plus, it leaves a wrong impression on your entire look.

Men with thinner hair have less hair. It doesn’t look flattering. Pomades can be very useful if you have thin hair. The right pomade can get you the best of your current situation.

There are a number of hair pomades you will find in the market. But be careful as any wrong product can do the opposite thing you want.

If you have thin hair, you need a pomade that will add more flexibility to your hair. Give it a thicker look and easy to work with.

Pomades are safer to use. I know trying something new on thin hair is risky. As you already have less hair, it gets difficult to trust something new.

The pomades I have picked for thin hair in this article, are specially formulated for thin hair. These are made with natural ingredients, making the safety measures takes care of.

Go through the rest of the article and select the best pomade for thin hair.

What should a pomade for thin hair have?

Pomades made for thin hair must have some features which make it different from others. You need to make sure the pomade you choose have these things checked.

Here are the features a pomade should have if it is only for thin hair:

  • Matte or natural finish. 
  • It can be used as a pre-styler.
  • It should have a thickening formula.
  • Add volume to natural hair.
  • Lightweight texture. 

Look for these features while you select your hair pomade. The pomades I have chosen in this article have all these features covered.

Things to consider while buying hair pomade for thin hair

Pomades can do magic with your thin hair. You can do any style from flexible or hard. But there are few things you should consider before investing in a hair pomade. The following points I have selected are specially for thin hair. 

The lasting time

Usually people like a pomade that will last all day. But it gets rough if you regularly use a pomade and keep it all day long. The hair receives stiff and loses the natural moisture.

Make sure the pomade keeps your hair in good condition until the day is over. Typically, pomades are safe for your hair, as they are made with natural ingredients. 

Hair texture

A good quality pomade will add excellent texture to your natural hair. For thin hair, it is more important. Thin hairs don’t have volume or texture.

Pomades add the amount to your thin hair, making it thicker and more volumizing. Check if your pomade adds volume or not.

Shine and Gloss

Your pomade should give you both matte or glossy hair. We don’t want the same hairstyle every day. If your pomade has the versatility, then you can choose from a bunch of choices.

For a glossy look, you can apply the pomade on damp hair. If you are wanting a matte look, then use the pomade on dry hair.

Our Top 5 Hair Pomades for Thin Hair

Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

This is one of the best from the market. Famous hairstylists recommend this pomade. It gives a strong grip on your thin hair. This pomade has a water-based formula.

That means it can be easily diluted by water. It has a smooth and soft texture. It won’t make your hair feel oily or sticky. The pomade contains a decent smell and gives you a glossy finish to maintain the natural look.

You can control the shine by selecting the amount you use. The scent is masculine, so that you won’t feel awkward. One thing I like about this pomade is, the shine is not unnatural.

It gives the perfect shine, or I can say it comes with a balanced shine. You get the right amount of product for the price you pay.

Perfect for the maximum types of haircut.


  • It is the firmest pomade for thin hair.
  • Good value of money.
  • Water-based formula.
  • It has a balanced shine.
  • Easy to wash.


  • The fruity scent can be a problem if you prefer no perfume.


Here is another favorite from the market. American crew hair pomade has been a favorite for ages. It makes your hair boost, which means thin hair will get a lot of volume with this one.

This pomade leaves a matte finish, which makes your hair look natural. This is always a plus point for me, as I prefer a natural hairstyle. Unlike other pomades, this product has a powdery formula.

Moreover, to get the damp hair this solution is quite adorable, because, its active ingredients including the moisturizing elements help to get back the natural shine.

It has a neutral smell. So, if you don’t like the fruity or strong smell, then go for this pomade. It has a medium hold on your hair.

It keeps the hair in place for a long time. It won’t make your hair oily. You can easily wash it off with plain water.


  • It contains castor oil, which nourishes your hair.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Your hair looks thicker.
  • It has a matte finish. 
  • It keeps your hair in place all day.


  • This pomade can dry on hot weather. 

Smooth Viking Hair Clay for Men

This pomade is water-based. As the name goes, this pomade is smooth. It suits all kinds of hair. No matter if it’s thin or thick. You can apply it on damp hair for extra shine and gloss.

If you are in a mood of a matte finish, then you can apply it dry. This feature makes this pomade more versatile. This pomade can also be used on beards.

Here you will get medium holding and this pomade is recommended for both oily and dry scalp. The fact is its active ingredients are quite safe for all types of scalp and free from side effects.

On the other hand, you will get the ultimate nourishment from the wavy problem and get an attractive hairstyle.

It gives a firm grip and keeps your hair in place all day long. As the formula is water-based, it can be easily cleaned up.

This pomade doesn’t feel greasy. Your hair will feel smooth and soft even after washing the pomade.

You can also add a pattern to your hair by using a comb. People love this for thin hair as it leaves texture.

Yes, the product is mainly for thin hair to fix in in shape. Even for the thick curly hair, this solution gives the ultimate nourishment.


  • Easy to wash.
  • Water-based formula.
  • Also applicable for wavy hair
  • Adds texture and dimension on thin hair. 
  • Gives a firm grip.
  • Doesn’t make your hair oily. 


  • The scent can be intense. 

Uppercut Monster Hold Pomade

This pomade gives you a shiny, glossy, and glamorous look. This will provide you with a red carpet look in no time. You will love its neutral smell and the unisex formula.

This pomade gives you the most shine from the other ones I have mentioned in this article. This pomade has a vanilla scent.

So, if you don’t like the smell, it might be a problem. This product has a medium grip on the hair.

It is not too strong and not too light. You have the flexibility to restyle if you are not happy with the hairstyle you just did.

This pomade comes in a beautiful packaging that makes it stand out from the others.


  • It doesn’t make your hair crunchy.
  • It has the perfect grip.
  • Makes your hair look shiny.
  • Flexible on your hair. 
  • Light texture.


  • Too much product can make your hair stiff, so be careful.

Layrite Superhold Pomade

If you have thin hair but want a strong grip on your hair without making it greasy, go for the Layrite pomade.

Besides the proper finish, this pomade is also ensures a strong hold. Moreover, you will get the optimal cure from dryness and hair fall. Yes! This solution enhances hair growth and volume.

This pomade is also easy to wash -off. You don’t have to use any shampoo. If you are using a hair pomade for the first time, then use this one. The texture is very light and more comfortable to apply.

It doesn’t make your hair stiff or oily. It keeps the hair in places, even after using it in the hot summer days. The scent is very pleasant.


  • Easy to use.
  • Easily washable.
  • Good for beginners.
  • It keeps your hair in place throughout the day.


  • This pomade is pricey. 

Steps for using a hair pomade

If you are using pomade for the first time, then here is the right place for you. Let’s see the simple, easy to follow steps for applying pomade:

  • Think about the style that you want first. Take an adequate amount of pomade in your hand. Not too much, not too little.
  • Comb your hair backward. It will add texture to your hair. After applying the pomade, the texture will compliment your hairstyle.
  • By adding texture, you will also add volume to your hair.
  • Apply a generous amount on thin hair. Too much product can make your hair look too much shiny.
  • Don’t apply pomade on wet hair. A little dry to damp hair is perfect for styling.


Having thin hair is not a problem. You can style your hair in a way that makes it look good. Selecting the right product is essential.

We have mentioned the pomades for thin hair in this article. You may any one of these, as each one of the products is excellent.

My favorite from the list is the American Crew POMADE. It gives a natural finish, which means your hair looks naturally styled. Too much shine and ruin the look.

A little amount is enough, so you get a good value of money. This pomade is loved by the professional hairstylist, making it the top on my list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pomade good for this hair?

Ans: Pomade can help you to achieve volume on thin hair. It can fill the gaps in the thin area of your scalp.

Does pomade thicken hair?

Ans: Pomades have a mixture of starch and silica in them. These are combined with other ingredients. These give your thin hair an instant volume. 

When should I use pomade?

Ans: For a slick back look, apply pomade on damped hair. It will help the pomade to dissolve and add the volume to your thin hair.