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Best Pomade for Curly Hair [2021]

Best Pomade for Curly Hair

Curly hair looks beautiful, but they are hard to manage. Finding the best pomade for curly hair can be challenging. You can find plenty of pomades from top brands for curly hair.

But which one will suit you depends on the hair quality and the style you want. Not just purchasing will solve your issue. You have to know the technique to apply the pomade properly on curly hair.

Otherwise, it can be a big mess. Curly hair tends to be different from person to person. Some can be thick, frizzy, and some can be soft curls.

Pomades are the widely used hair product for curly hair. In terms of color and aroma, there are different types of hair pomade.

Pomades are useful primarily for dry hair to prevent breakage and retain the natural moisture of the hair. We have picked up the best 5 pomades for curly hair. 

hese are of top quality and will make your curls look glossy and beautiful. So, if you are thinking of buying pomades for your curly hair, then try any of our listed pomades.

Reasons to choose a pomade for Curly Hair

Curly hairs are difficult to manage. You need to take extra care to maintain beautiful curls. They can be rough and unmanageable.

You need to keep the hair in place and maintain the natural curl style. Pomades help to manage your curly hair and gives you a beautiful hairstyle.

Curly hair tends to be messy. To resolve that issue pomade plays an important part.

Here are the benefits of using a pomade for Curly Hair:


Curly hairs are naturally challenging to control. They are messy and frizzy. Pomades help to stick your curls in place.

It helps to control the frizz. It gives a strong hold on your hair. That’s why you can easily control the frizzy curls and tame them down.


Water-based pomades are very useful to restyle your hair. As the pomades have a watery texture, you can easily change your hairstyle, if you are not happy with your current style.


Pomades give a shiny look on your curly hair. It helps to show the texture and dapper of your curls.

You can control how much shine you want by the number of pomades. If you use the minimum amount, then you get a subtle shine.

Natural Ingredients

Pomades are made with natural ingredients. These are good for your hair. It helps to make the natural hair grow better.

It makes your curls soft and solves breakage issues. You won’t get any scalp acne and skin irritation by using hair pomades.

Things to consider before buying hair pomade

Before you buy a pomade for curly hair, you need to consider a few things. You just can’t buy any pomade you find first. Depending on your hair, you have to choose the right one.

Here are the things that you should consider before buying pomade:

  • Water-based pomades are much easier to use. I recommend using a water-based pomade.
  • Water-based pomades are easy to apply and maintain. You can choose any style if you are not satisfied with the current one.
  • If you have frizzy and dry curls, then try an oil-based pomade. It will help to moisturize your hair.
  • If you have frizzy hair, then choose a pomade that will have a firm hold on curls.
  • Always try to buy branded hair pomades. 

Top 5 Hair Pomades for Curly Hair

After researching the market, I have picked up the top 5 hair pomades for curly hair. All of the products have good quality and also take care of your natural curls.

REUZEL Blue Pomade

This is one of the best pomade for curly hair. In terms of thickness and texture, this pomade is highly concentrated. You can use this pomade on any kind of hair.

This pomade gives a strong hold and high shine. This is a water-based pomade, you can easily apply and later easily wash it off. You can style your curls in any way you like.

Apart from the natural shine, this item gives the ultimate cure from dryness, because, its active ingredients properly moisturizes and provide enough nutrients.

It lets you control and shine your curls. The water-based formula helps to keep your hair soft. It doesn’t flake by the time. It keeps your curls in place.


  • It gives you a strong hold.
  • You can easily wash it.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Nice and pleasant smell.


  • The scent can be overpowering. 


This pomade is very popular among users. It gives you the flexibility to style your hair in any way you like.

Thick hair men get a big challenge to fix their hair. Their suffering gets more if this thick hair is curly type. In this case, American Crew can ensure the ultimate solution.

No matter how thick your hair is, you can easily style your curls effortlessly. This water-based formula is very light on your scalp but ensures a strong hold. You can easily wash it.

The additional advantage is its powerful moisturizing formula to refresh the dry and damaged hair. That means its regular use will provide the ultra-shine and product is quite long lasting.

It has a medium hold and gives bright shine to your curls. You need a minimum about on your damp hair to style it. This product has good value for money. One tub will last you for a long time.


  • Gives medium to firm hold.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Very light texture.
  • You can style your hair any way you like.


  • Too much product can make your hair look greasy. 

Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold (Best hair care product for thick hair men)

This pomade, however, has a creamy texture. It helps you to comb through your hair and style it in any way. It gives you the maximum flexibility to style your curls.

The lightly unisex fragrance is suitable for both men and women. It ensures maximum grip making your curls to hold in place. This pomade can be easily dissolved in hair.

You can easily wash it off. This pomade is available in 4 different sizes. You may choose the one depending on how frequently you apply. The price is also affordable.

(To notice the best effect, use it on the damp hair. It will improve holding capability all day long)


  • Both men and women can use it.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Water-based formula.
  • Give your maximum flexibility to style.


  • None. 

Layrite Superhold Pomade (Best option for boy hairstyle)

 The fact is if you have the naturally curly hair, it is not an issue at all. The condition is its perfect care. In this case, I suggest you this premium grade pomade that comes with the strong hold and other advantages.

This is another best-selling pomade. It gives you maximum hold of unruly and frizzy curls. If you want healthy and soft curls, then this is the right product for you.

It is very gentle on your curls. This product has been on the market for years. So, if you are trying a hair pomade for the first time, then quickly go for this one.

Its small amount is far enough to get the appealing matte finish.

It is the safest to use from our list. It doesn’t dry off your hair. It retains the natural moisture and keeps the hair soft. You can style your curls any way you like.

Another thing you should consider ins the amount of product you will use each time. This factor totally depends on how much hold you want.

If you need medium hold, then use a minimum quantity. More products will give your stronger hold. You have to dry your hair before using this pomade.


  • Trusted product to maintain curly hair style
  • Easy to style your hair.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Makes your hair soft.
  • It has a light fragrance.


  • Some people don’t prefer the gel-based formula. 

Smooth Viking Hair Clay

If you have very thick and heavy hair, then this is perfect for curls. This pomade makes sure your thick hair gets a sleek and dapper look. This formula is easy to use and can be washed off effortlessly.

You don’t have to use any shampoo to wash it. You need a very small amount, to begin with. Then easily comb and style your curls.

This pomade gives a medium hold and shines to your hair. This product also works well on long hairs. This feature makes this pomade widely used.

You will love its neutral scent and the solution if safe for the sensitive scalp, because, this item is toxic-proof and dermatology tested.


  • Easy to clean up.
  • Light texture.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It gives a medium hold.
  • Works well on thick hair.
  • Perfect for wavy hair type


  • The scent can be overpowering.

How to apply pomade on curly hair?

Before we end this article, let’s see how to apply pomade on curly hair. If you are new to this, the following steps will help you out. It seems like using pomade on curly hair if difficult. But in reality, it is very easy.

  • First, identify how much hold you want in your curly hair. First, you decide how rigid you want your curls to be then start applying the pomade.
  • Then decide how much you need to style your hair. If you want your curls to hold a style for the whole day, use a quarter amount of pomade.
  • If you want something lighter and a few hours hold is enough, then dilute your pomade in water and then apply it.
  • Then decide what hairstyle you want. After applying the pomade, just comb through your hair and style it the way you want. Buckbrush or parted anything you want. 

Follow these things while applying the pomade, and you will have the best style for sure. 


For curly hair, finding the best pomade is a tough job. You need to take care of a lot of things, as your hair is curly.

The products I have listed above will give you any style you want. Plus, all the products I have on my list are not harmful to hairs. It won’t break your hair.

Your curls will feel soft, and you will notice better hair growth. From the list, my favorite is the Suavecito Pomade Firme (Strong) Hold. First of all, you can use it on men and women both.

It has a light and pleasant smell. The water texture helps it easy to use. You can style your hair anyway. The price is also affordable, which makes it the favorite one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pomade good for curly hair?

Ans: To manage curly hair, you can use a pomade. Water-based formula is more practical and safer to use.

What hairstyle is a pomade for?

Ans: Pomade is made from grease and wax, and some are water-based. It gives a sleek and long-lasting style to men’s hair. Hair gels and sprays can make your hair stiff and dry. But pomade, on the other hand, doesn’t dry.

Can you use a pomade on wet hair?

Ans: Pomade is activated by water. For the best results, apply pomade on towel-dry hair. It will make the styling easy.