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Best Mascara for Eyelash Extensions [2021]

Best Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

The main idea of eyelash extension is, you don’t have to put mascara or fake lashes all the time. It gives you natural-looking semi-permanent eyelash. But eyelash extensions are expensive.

Plus, if you want to use mascara on top of it, you must be careful. I know the eyelash extension’s purpose is that you won’t have to apply any more mascara.

But sometimes, to give a more dramatic and blacker look, you can apply it. But as I said, you need to be careful while you put mascara on your eyelash extensions.

Only oil-free mascara can be used on eyelash extensions. In this article, I have picked up some mascara that can be used on eyelash extensions without any issue.

You need to gentle and only touch the end of the eyelash extension while you apply. Avoid using the mascara from the root towards the end.

Just move on the tips to make it look more elongate and dark. If you are not careful, then the extension might come -off along with your natural

lash. Go through the article to find the best mascara for eyelash extensions.

Our Top Picks for Best Mascara Suitable for Eyelash Extensions

Here are some mascaras that can be used on eyelash extensions without any problems. Depending on your choice and budget, you can try any of these.

Benefit Bad Gal Bang! Mascara

If you don’t have any budget limit, I recommend going for this Mascara from Benefit. This is one of my favorite high-end brands. They make a remarkable face and eye products.

This lash extension gives an appealing look and ever affects your natural lashes. It comes with an excellent adhesive property.

You can easily wear it, but while removing take time and use a good quality remover.

The bad gal bang mascara gives your lash more thickness and volume. The formula is smudge-proof, and it lasts for hours. The packaging is stunning.

The color if this mascara is dark black, which gives more depth to your eyelash extensions. The creamy formula is easy to apply because of the wand.

This mascara is also waterproof. If you try it once, I am sure you can’t switch to any other mascara ever. 

Special facts:

  • Costly but quite adorable
  • A dependable volume lashes mascara
  • Comes with the dark black shade

Clinique NATURALLY GLOSSY mascara

This naturally glossy mascara is perfect for eyelash extensions. With your extensions on, you do not want to apply over any mascara that gives your lashes a spidery look.

It would be best if you avoided bulky and thick formula for eyelash extensions. This Mascara from Clinique is fantastic. It has a straight and narrow brush that can be used effortlessly to apply mascara at the end of your lashes.

The wand of this mascara is my favorite. They are minimum, sleek, and on the point. The formula is creamy and richly pigmented.

It is also easy to remove. As people always say, “less is more,” this mascara follows this line perfectly. One downside of this mascara is, it’s not cruelty-free. 

Perfect to get the attractive false lashes with defining the flash line.

Special facts:

  • An excellent eye makeup
  • Volumizing mascara Flexible to remove

Lancome Definicils Black Mascara

Another high-end brand that makes fabulous mascara is Lancom. The definicils mascara can be used on eyelash extensions. The luxurious formula of this oil-free mascara gives depth and volume to your lash extensions. 

Your eyelash will look fuller and for dense. The specially designed brush gives you full control to define your lash extensions.

The wand is perfect for separating each last and coat them properly. (You can also wear it on the sensitive eyes)

This mascara gives your lash a high-definition look. The formula is also waterproof. The packaging is gorgeous. This mascara is a bit on the pricier side. If the budget is not a problem, then try this one.

Special facts:

  • Recommended for sensitive eyes
  • Gives a dense look
  • Oil-free

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

I know this lengthening mascara is from a luxury brand, but trust me, every coin is worth the product. It is like a kohl pencil for your lashes. You will feel like Cleopatra after wearing this beauty on your lash extensions.

The narrow tip of the wand helps you to touch the edges of your lash. The formula is soft and separating on your eyelash. It won’t clog around your eyelash.

You can easily remove it. The silver tube packaging is fantastic. The creamy formula is easy to apply and not very difficult to remove.

That’s why for the appealing long lashes, you can consider it as one of the most reliable eye beauty products.  

Special facts:

  • Long-lasting formula
  • Easy to remove
  • Comes with soft bristles

Reasons to wear mascara with lash extensions?

This is the primary question I have always been asked. Why would I need mascara with a lash extension? Well, let me give you some

points about why you should.

  • Mascara will darken your lashes and gives length on your lower lashes.
  • If you have naturally brown eyelash and have chosen brown extensions, then once in a while, you would want black lashes. To me, eyes look gorgeous with black eyelashes, no matter how the eye look is.
  • Mascara will add more volume. Sometime you may want more dramatic lashes.
  • When the extensions will be at the end of their lifeline and tend to shed, you can fill the gaps with mascara.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How safe is a waterproof mascara?

A: Some makeup artist discourages to use these types of eyeliner. The problem is it is a bit difficult to remove and time-consuming.

However, now a day, a vast number of high-quality makeup removers (especially for eyes) are available in the market and make your work easier.

But if the remover is oil-based, it can weaken the lash adhesive. So use it a few amounts only.  

Q: Can I wear lash extension on the wet face?

A: Before (At least 30 to 40 minutes ago) your appointment, make sure your face is dry (not dehydrated).

That means you can wash your face, add cream or serum, even you can use a moisturizer. The condition is to let your skin dries at to set the extension.


Eyelash extensions have been on the trend in recent years. They are expensive, yet every coin is worth the result you get.

It is not always required to use mascara on lash extensions. But once in a while, you should, as lash extensions won’t last forever. All of the Mascara from our list is completely safe for eyelash extensions.

You can try any of them. My personal favorite is the Benefit Bad gal bang mascara. The wand is perfect for eyelash extension. The formula is creamy, and you can coat each lash separately.

Get a more dramatic and volume look by using mascara for your eyelash extension. Trust me; it will make your look complete.