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Best Drugstore Highlighter for Dark Skin [2021]

Best Drugstore Highlighter for Dark Skin

Who doesn’t like a beautiful glow on the face? A highlighter is a girl’s best friend to achieve that glow. Whether it be a subtle glow or a red carpet one, you will need a perfect highlighter for every occasion.

It is one of the most talked-about beauty products in recent times. Everyone loves an illuminating face. No matter how tired you are, a perfect highlighter can light up your entire look.

Highlighters can be found in various forms like; liquid, cream, or powder. Depending on your choice and technique of use, you can choose the right one for yourself.

Most of these pearly pinks or Champigny highlighters suit fair to medium skin tone. But don’t be upset, because we have sorted a list with highlighters suitable for darker skin tone.

As most of the highlighter can look chalky and ashy on darker skin, it is quite challenging to find the shade that will complement dark skin.

Brands are now coming out with highlighters that can look great on dark skin. In this article, we will talk about affordable ones, which means the drugstore brands.

We have researched the market and picked up some of the best highlighters that are from drugstore brands. So, you will get your desired glow and within your budget. 

How to choose the perfect highlighter?

Highlighters are tricky to use, as you can quickly go overboard with it. If you put too much highlighter on the face, it can result in a disaster.

Don’t make the common mistakes like putting too much highlighter on face. You can also go wrong by choosing the wrong color, that doesn’t suit your skin tone.

Here are some key points you must consider before using a highlighter:

The right highlighter

Not all highlighter will look good on everyone. Some can look beautiful in one skin tone but can look ashy on another. The key to finding the correct highlighter depends on your skin tone.

You mush choose a color that complements your skin tone. For example, a pale white or pink highlighter won’t look good on medium to dark skin tone.

You should pick a highlighter color that is two shade lighter than your natural skin tone. So that it adds a glow on your face without making you look ghostly.

Check your undertone, as it will help you choose the color that will look flattering on your face. Typically, warm undertone skin looks great with golden or bronze highlighters. Silver and pearly highlighters look good on cool tones skin. 

Apply highlighter in the right places

You can’t put highlighters all over your face. There are some high points on your face that reflect the color of your highlighter.

You can apply highlighter on your cheeks, your inner corner, on your cupid’s bow, on your nose.

The right amount

You can’t put too much highlighter on the face, as it will ruin your look. Always remember less is more.

So put little by little until you are satisfied with the result. A little goes a long way in the case of a highlighter.

The right tools

Keep in mind that not every makeup tool is for applying highlighter. Not all brush can do the job. If your highlighter has a liquid or cream form, then you can use your makeup sponge to diffuse the product.

If your highlighter has a powder form, then use a fan brush or a highlighter brush to put it on your face’s high points.

Consider the lighting

Light plays a significant role in using a highlighter. The lights will reflect your highlighter if you stay indoors like a home or even a candle-light dinner then goes with a heavy highlighter.

The lights will create a beautiful glow on your face. Later, if you are going outdoors, try a subtle highlighter, as an intense one can look too sparkly.

Best Highlighters for Dark Skin

After analyzing the user ratings and popularity, we have picked up some drugstore highlighters that complement dark skin.

These are budget-friendly and will last you for a long time. The quality is also great. 

Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick, Gold Light

This highlighter from Revlon is a cream-based. It would help if you were a bit careful while using this one. A little will be enough; keep in mind that.

The formula is very creamy, and it blends smoothly on the skin. This highlighter illuminates and enhances your best features.

To highlight your face, apply this product on your forehead, chin, and cheekbones. As it comes on a stick format, you can precise your application.

However, this drugstore makeup is an ideal dupe of any high-end products. The unique fact is this makeup is also recommended for fair skin tone.

The shade gold light is perfect for dark skin. It complements darker skin tone flawlessly. The formula is long-lasting and stays on your skin for hours.

(Also applicable for fair skin tone)


  • Illuminates your face.
  • Creamy and blendable formula.
  • It has a high staying power.
  • It goes on smoothly on the skin.
  • Helps to get different shades without compromising the natural glow


  • Careful while you apply, as a little amount is enough.

Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powders, Crown of My Canopy

This highlighter line is quite popular among users. The highlighter blends smoothly, and the color intensity is very high.

The best way to apply this highlighter is with a highlighter brush. The colors are vibrant and intense. Apply a little amount to get full coverage. 

This shade Crown of my canopy suits best the dark skin tone. The velvety smooth highlighter will glow up your face. This highlighter doesn’t highlight your pores or textures.

It blends smoothly on your skin. The ultra-pearl finish doesn’t highlight the textures on your face. The formula is also long-lasting. It stays for up to 6 to 7 hours.

Another positive part is this highlighter is suitable for the maximum skin tones. Moreover, you can maintain the shade variation and overall for a good finish its performance is very impressive.

This highlighter is also light on your pocket. The quantity is more than enough. It will last for months. So, you get a good value of money.

Perfect for daily use and its regular use will give you the permanent luminous glow.  Moreover, this product is also recommended for fair skin tone.  

Yes! This complete package comes with compatible performance with the expected level of effective performance.


  • It blends smoothly on skin.
  • Perfect highlighter to get the luminous glow
  • It adds a pearly glow on the face.
  • Long-lasting formula.
  • Affordable in price.


  • The packaging is not great. 

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator, Sun Goddess

For a blinding look, try the NYX born to glow liquid illuminator. The shade sun goddess the perfect for dark skin. This liquid highlighter has a smooth and micro-pearl packed formula.

It adds an intense sparkle in your face. The gorgeous liquid formula blends like a dream. It gives an intense finish and adds up a glow on your face.

You can also add this illuminator to your foundation. It will add a beautiful radiance to your face. This item is budget-friendly, and it stays for a long time.

You can use a beauty sponge to blend this highlighter smoothly. The illuminator is easy to use. The beginners can also use this product.


  • Affordable in price.
  • Liquid formula can be used on its own or with a foundation.
  • It blends smoothly on skin.
  • It has a high staying power.


  • Be careful while using as the illuminator has intense pigmentation. 

Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter Makeup, Molten Topaz

This molten highlighter from highlighter is made with reflective pigments that create a metallic sheen that creates a reflective effect.

This formula is richly hued that leaves a metallic finish. The procedure is intense. The highlighter attracts lights and reflects the best feature on your face.

The pressed formula blends smoothly on the skin. This product is also long-lasting, and it stays for up to 7 to 8 hours. The shade molten topaz is perfect for dark skin.

You can use a fan brush or highlighter brush to apply this product on the face. The packaging is not so travel-friendly. But you get what you pay for. The quality is excellent, considering the price. (You can also use it for medium skin tone)


  • Affordable in price.
  • Rich and intense pigmentation.
  • Long-lasting power.
  • Blendable smooth formula.


  • The packaging is not travel-friendly.

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Highlighter, Rose Gold

This luxurious formula from the Physicians formula can be your next best friend. The procedure is very smooth, like butter. It blends smoothly on skin. 

It won’t highlight your pores or blemishes—this creamy formula is enriched with Murumuru, Cupuaçu, & Tucuma Butters. The formula is very lightweight, but to get defined cheekbones its performance is just amazing.

This highlighter features refined pearls and soft-focus pigments that smooths and brightens your skin. You can use a blender or a brush to get the shine that you want.

The shade rose gold will look great on dark skin. You will get a lot of product with this highlighter. This will go for a long time.


  • Rich and luxurious formula.
  • Perfect highlighter for dark skin
  • Smoothly blends with your skin.
  • Features micro-pearls.
  • Lightweight formula.


  • This highlighter has bulky packaging. 


Finding the perfect highlighter for dark skin can be a difficult job. But I hope with this article, you will find the right highlighter that complements your dark skin.

The highlighters I have mentioned will add glow and won’t look ashy or chalky on the skin. My favorite formula from the list is the wet n wild Megaglo powder highlighter.

The formula is excellent and will last you for months. The lasting power is also notable. The formula has pearly sparkles in the product.

It adds extra shine to your face. The color suits dark skin tone perfectly. It is also easy to blend so that you won’t get any harsh lines.

Highlighters are a must for your makeup collection. The listed highlighters have good quality, and they are also in your budget.

They will last you for a long time and will add the luminous glow on your face. Try any of the mentioned highlighters to rock the bright and gorgeous look.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a highlighter on my face?

Ans: Depending on your undertone, you should choose the highlighter. If you have a yellow or warm undertone, then go for golden, peachy, or bronze highlighters.

If you have a cool undertone, later try light gold, champagne, or pearly shade.

How do you apply highlighter on dark skin?

Ans: Use a highlighter or a pointed face brush to apply highlighter. Apply highlighter on your cheeks, upper brow bones, and cupid’s bow.

What is a dusky skin tone?

Ans: Dusky skin tones are a skin tone that tends to be ash or light brown. The dark pigmentation of the skin causes the brownish color. 

What is the difference between a bronzer and a highlighter?

Ans: Bronzer is a product that is used to warm up your skin. It adds warmth to your skin. It can be found in liquid or powder format.

Highlighter is used to emphasize your face’s high points like your cheek, brow bone, etc.

Is liquid highlighter better than powder highlighter?

Ans: Liquid highlighters have less concentration. So, they are easy to use and control. If your skin is dry, then go for liquid highlighter.

It gives a more natural and dewy finish. Powder highlighters can be intense. These are more suitable for oily to combination skin tone.