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5 Best Drugstore Highlighter Brush Reviews [2021]

Best Drugstore Highlighter Brush

Having flawless makeup needs not only the right makeup products but also the best quality makeup brushes. If you decide to spend a lot of money on brushes, you won’t be disappointed.

High-quality brushes will last you for years. But, recently, the drugstore has also come up with a wide range of brushes. Highlighter is the final touch for our face makeup, which gives you the show-stopping glow.

Using a proper brush to highlight your cheekbones or the high points of your face is very important. It either can add some extra sparkle to your makeup or can ruin it completely. 

We don’t want our face to look like, we have applied a bunch of shimmers on our cheeks. So selecting the perfect brush for highlight is very vital. Luckily, you don’t have to break your bank account to find the perfect highlighter brush. In the drugstore, you can find a bunch of highlighter brushes that can work like magic.

5 Best Highlighter Brush from Drugstore Comparison Chart [2020]

Preview Product Ratings Price
Real Techniques 1413 Setting Brush 5.0Check Latest Price
wet n wild Pro Brush Line Tapered Highlighting Brush 4.9Check Latest Price
Docolor Professional Fan Makeup Brushes Face Highlighting 4.8Check Latest Price
EcoTools Define & Highlight Duo Makeup Brush Set 4.8Check Latest Price
Beauty Junkees Professional Tapered Highlighter Makeup Brush 4.9Check Latest Price

5 Best Highlighter Brush from Drugstore Reviews:

  • Real Techniques 1413 Setting Brush
  • wet n wild Pro Brush Line Tapered Highlighting Brush
  • Docolor Professional Fan Makeup Brushes Face Highlighting
  • EcoTools Define & Highlight Duo Makeup Brush Set
  • Beauty Junkees Professional Tapered Highlighter Makeup Brush

1. Real Techniques 1413 Setting Brush

Although this is a setting brush is mainly used for setting your power, but the tapered design makes it usable to apply Highlighter too.

Moreover, it fills all your makeup application to maintain the glow factor on your entire facial area.

You can just dip the tip of the brush to a highlighter then sweet across your forehead, cheeks, and bridge of the nose. You will feel its soft kiss all over the skin tone.

The bristles are very soft that blends the product perfectly. The quality is very high maintained, as the bristles won’t shade.


  • It fulfills multiple purposes.
  • The bristles are soft and nicely dense.
  • The packaging is adorable.
  • The handle is very strong and long-lasting.


  • This can’t be used for bronzer.
  • Not suitable for cream products.

2. wet n wild Pro Brush Line Tapered Highlighting Brush

This is your perfect highlighter brush. If you are looking for something that has a luxurious feeling, yet won’t break your bank account, then this is an excellent choice.

This wet n wild pro line has a very luxurious packaging. Plus, the bristles are very soft. Its gentle rub ensures the safety issue if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, this premium quality drugstore highlighter helps to maintain different shades and never stains your blush or other makeup.

The size is so perfect for your cheeks that you just need a little amount of Highlighter, and the brush will take care of the rest of the job.

It has long and soft bristles that will target your cheek area correctly. This brush has a small dent, where you can place your finger and have total control.  


  • Budget-friendly product.
  • The packaging is very eye-catching.
  • Suitable for powder highlighter.


  • You need to wash them properly, or else the bristles can feel harsh.
  • Not appropriate for cream highlighter.

3. Docolor Professional Fan Makeup Brushes Face Highlighting Make Up Cosmetic Tool

This line is inspired by the rainbow, and you will find a bunch of colors in the packaging. The handles are sparkling and have a rainbow color theme going on.

The bristles have a pink hue at the soft, making it look like a magical rainbow.  The brush is synthetic and has very soft bristles.

If you have sensitive skin and quickly get rashes, then this one would be your right choice.

This high-quality fan brush has cute and fluffy bristles, which won’t shed. So you can use this item for quite a long time.


  • You can also use it to apply powder.
  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It is vegan and cruelty-free.


  • You can’t use it for cream products.
  • Look carefully while picking up the product., as too much product on the brush can give you too much sparkly look.

4. EcoTools Define & Highlight Duo Makeup Brush Set for Powder Bronzer Highlighter

The best thing about this set is you can do your entire face makeup with it. You can apply your Highlighter with both of these brushes.

The fan brush can be used for a sheer glow, while the tapered brush can be used for a little more intense look. These brushes are made with bamboo, so it is eco-friendly too.

These are very good for travels. Plus, all of the products from EcoTools are made up of bamboo fiber and recycled plastic. So it’s vegan, cruelty-free, and environment-friendly.


  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • The packaging is very lightweight, which makes it useful for traveling.


  • The bristles can be too harsh for under eye area if you have sensitive skin.
  • The fan brush is too soft and doesn’t have enough bristles.
  • The handle is fragile. 

5. Beauty Junkees – Professional Tapered Highlighter Makeup Brush

You can use this beauty junkees brush to highlight your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and your forehead too.

The packaging is very sleek and elegant looking. The soft synthetic bristles will sweep the Highlighter across your cheeks and other areas to give your face a beautiful look.

These have very soft bristles that blend the product evenly. To rub all over your forehead are, eyebrow, and brow bone its soft bristles ensures full coverage.  


  • This brush has copper ferrules with dual crimps that ensures durability.
  • This brush is very lightweight.
  • Cruelty-free product.
  • Applicable as a blush powder brush, shadow brush, foundation brush, and for all makeup needs


  • This brush is more on the pricier side.
  • Not suitable for cream highlighter.
  • The bristles shade quickly.

6. Milani Highlighter Blending Brush – Cruelty-Free Face & Eye Brush to Highlight & Contour – Made with High-Grade Synthetic Bristles

You can use this Milani highlighter blending brush for both Highlighter and contour. It will give you perfect chiseled cheeks or highlight your cheeks.

The high-quality synthetic bristles are ultra-soft, which blends the product seamlessly. It can easily reach the inner corners and ensures full coverage. The tapered area is useful for flawless application.

The packaging is also very lux. This multi-purpose brush makes it a perfect choice for traveling. 

Even you can use it after applying bronzer to highlight your cheekbones, and brow bone.  


  • The packaging is gorgeous.
  • This brush is multi-functional.
  • The bristles are very soft.
  • This is a cruelty-free product.
  • Comes with the gentle rub formula


  • The price is a bit higher.

What kind of makeup brushes to use for Highlighter?

You will find different kinds of brushes in the drugstore, but which one to choose. I know buying brushes can be overwhelming if you don’t know which brush to use for what purpose.

Now, as we are talking about highlighter brushes in this article, then just focus on what brushes should we get to apply Highlighter.

Soft, fluffy, and less dense brushes are ideal for applying Highlighter. You can also use a small, angled brush to make your cheekbones intensely glow.

To have a sheer glow, you can use any brush which has a low density and have soft bristles. With light stripling motion, you can light up your cheeks.

Another brush that can be used for Highlighter is Fan brush. For powder highlighter, just swirl your fan brush on the product.

Then lightly sweep on your cheekbones. I love to use a fan brush on my cheeks.

For cream highlighter, you have to use a damp makeup sponge or a wet brush to apply the product. I would suggest going to a beauty sponge for cream products.

Also, small kabuki brushes can be used to apply powder highlighter if you want the Highlighter as a blush topper.

Many celebrity makeups are following this trend. Just applying blush and use the Highlighter as a blush topper., which gives a majestic glow to your face makeup.

Final Thoughts

Yes! Applying makeup with a brush is the most effective technique.

The fact is only a few drops of makeup is far enough to get an appealing glow without compromising the natural look. In this case, the good quality brushes help to give a gentle rub and even finish. 

So here were some of the best highlighter brushes available in the market. Applying Highlighter is very important as it gives your makeup perfection. So choosing the right brush for this is also very important.

From the above mention products, my personal favorites are both the Wet n wild pro highlighter brush and the Milani brush.

They are nicely packaged, and the brushes are designed in such a way that you can use them for years.

So both of these are a good purchase in terms of quality, price, and durability. Invest in your brushes wisely and pick up the right product for yourself.