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7 Best Drugstore Hairspray Reviews And Buying Guides [2021]

Best Drugstore Hairspray Reviews

Hairspray is one of the essential items in our vanity. We need the right amount of Hold in our hairstyle, which won’t make the hair look so stiff. We always look for something that will protect our hairdos and also make it look natural.

Over time there have been lots of popular hair spray available in the market. The formulas have been improved, so as our hairstyles too. 

Before hairsprays used to make or hair stiff and weird looking. The post-party day was horrible too. You had to wash everything off, and it was a hectic job. But now the time has changed. We have improved hairspray formulas.

You can find many red carpets looks type hair sprays that will make you look like a star. But those come at a high price. Not everyone wants to spend a hefty amount on a hairspray. I have done my research and listed down some drugstore hair sprays for you. 

Top 5 Drugstore Hairsprays Reviews [2021]

Preview Product Ratings Price
SexyHair Big Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray5.0Check Latest Price
L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray 4.9 Check Latest Price
Schwarzkopf Ultime Styliste Biotin & Volume Hair Spray4.5 Check Latest Price
L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray4.8Check Latest Price
Garnier Fructis Style Volume Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray4.9Check Latest Price

You will be happy to know; all the listed items are from the drugstore. You can easily access them. I know hairsprays don’t last you for a long time. So, it is so much better if you find something from the drugstore. 

1. SEXY HAIR Big Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray (One of the best drugstore hairsprays in market)

Your list would be incomplete without this SexyHair Big spray. This is one of the best hairsprays of all time. This lightweight formula will amaze you. It doesn’t feel a slight amount of heaviness on your hair.

On the other hand, it helps to maintain strong hold with natural shine.

If you have thin and fine hair and want to hold those in place. Then this is your ultimate Hairspray. It is suitable for beautiful hair, as it adds a subtle texture and gives volume to your hair. But you won’t feel heaviness.

It gives 72 hours of humidity resistance. So for long summer days, this is your best friend. Also, this Hairspray adds a little shine to your hair. You will enjoy luscious hair throughout a hot summer day. 


  • It provides up to 72 hours’ humidity resistance.
  • It adds volume to your hair.
  • Lightweight formula and recommended for fine hair
  • Suitable for thin and beautiful hair.
  • It adds shine to your hair.


  • You have to wash your hair after using it.
  • It has a strong scent.

2. L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray

This Hairspray from L’oreal gives a stronghold without making it look stiff. This long-lasting formula gives your hair a clean and fresh feeling.

It can resist humidity for 24 hours. You can also apply them on curly hair or if you have done curls for a special occasion.

It holds the curls in place without letting them go flat. It can hold any kind of hairstyle. Like a sleek hairstyle or an up-do. This is a very lightweight mist that does its job entirely.

The formula is very light and doesn’t make your hair greasy or crunchy. It can also be used on colored hair.


  • Lightweight mist for your hair.
  • Voluminizing hairspray
  • It has excellent staying power.
  • Suitable for colored hair.
  • It has humid resistance.


  • It has an intense scent. 

3. Schwarzkopf Ultime Styliste Biotin & Volume Hair Spray

This brand will never let you down. They have some amazing hair products to offer. This Hairspray is made with Micro Fix technology.

This product included high performing Micro Polymers, that gives a strong but weightless hair.

The spray penetrates the hair shaft and provides volume to your hair. The volume is added from the root, so it looks very natural. The soft, touchable Hold stays for up to 24 hours.

This solution also ensures the ultimate fizz control and a good remedy for quick nourishment.

You can do quick hairstyles with this product. The formula is weightless, and you can brush-off effortlessly.


  • It is made with Micro Fix technology.
  • It adds volume from the root.
  • Easy to brush –off.
  • It gives quick and easy hairstyles.
  • Makes your hair look natural.


  • It has a strong vanilla scent, which can be annoying.

4. L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray

Another hairspray from L’Oreal Paris. They are a trusted brand, and you can try any of their products with closed eyes. One unique feature of this spray is, it gives targeted root lift. You can get a luxurious texture to your hair.

If you have thin hair, then by using it, you can add volume to the hair. The volume will let you do any kind of hairstyle that you always wanted.

The holding power is amazing. It also gives a backcombing finish to your hair. It will lock your hair and also add texture, volume, and density. You will get all these without getting crunchy hair. Your hair will look natural. 


  • It has a weightless formula.
  • It adds volume from the root.
  • Let you do any type of hairstyle.
  • It has incredible holding power.
  • It provides dense and textured hair. 


  • Users complain about it being not that much long-lasting.

5. Kenra Perfect Medium Hair Spray

Whatever your hair type is fine or curly, this product is right for you. The best point is its super quality fizz controlling capability.  Moreover, this solution locks moisture and recovery dry scalp issue.

This is a quick fix product for your hair. If you never tried any hairsprays, then I would like to suggest this one for you.

If you are running out of time, then it will give you a speedy solution. It provides styling control without making it look stiff. Your hair will look natural.

The formula is quick-drying. It provides a strong but flexible hold without feeling thick on your hair. As the name goes, it offers medium Hold, for that it makes your hair look more natural.

It also provides a glossy finish to your hair. If you have hair color, then it will help to extend it. 


  • It gives medium Hold.
  • This spray dries so quickly.
  • Very light formula.
  • It gives a shine to your hair.


  • The can is small in size.

6. CHI Enviro 54 Firm Hold Hair Spray (Strong hold hairspray)

This is another bestselling item you will find in the market. The formula is quick-drying, and let you make any kind of hairstyles.

It has a good staying power; it even holds the stray hairs in place. It contains silk protein and herbs that give extra shine to your hair.

The formula is very lightweight and thin. It includes a rich amount of natural ingredients including argan oil.  It won’t build up on your scalp and make your hair greasy.

Even this solution never left sticky residue.

Natural ingredients, make the hair look healthy and shine. Use this spray 10 to 12 inches from your hair. 

Perfect for color-treated hair.


  • Light formula.
  • Strong hold hairspray
  • It adds shine to your hair.
  • It won’t build up on your scalp.
  • It is made with natural ingredients.
  • It has good staying power.


  • The consistency can feel a bit sticky.

7. Garnier Fructis Style Volume Hairspray 24H Hold Anti-Humidity

This spray from Garnier adds layers and volume to your hair. Moreover, this solution is quite effective to ensure a long-lasting hold. It lifts your hair from the root, so it looks natural.

It gives a holding power that can stay up to 24 hours. With being a stronghold item, it won’t feel thick or greasy on your hair. It leaves clean hair, without feeling stiff.

This Hairspray is infused with bamboo extract, which adds volume to your hair. This product also has anti-humidity resistance. Your hair will be in place for a long time. 

However, a downside is its intense sent and the item is not recommend for the oily scalp.


  • Protects your hair against humidity.
  • It is infused with bamboo extract.
  • Gives your hair volume and texture.
  • It lifts your hair from the root.
  • Lightweight formula.


  • It has a strong scent. 

New Improved Hairsprays

Hairsprays have always been on the trend for many years. Before they used to make our hair crunchy and stiff, they used to hold the hair properly, but it looked unnatural. Also, using too much Hairspray regularly caused hair loss, dry hair, and many other issues.

In recent years the makeup industry has made remarkable changes in the formula of hairsprays. The old crunchy and stiff looking formula is now formulated into a mist.

Now your hair will be touchable, have beachy waves, and will have a natural bounce. It won’t feel like you have put anything on your hair.

It will look absolutely natural. The holding power is as durable as before, but with a natural vibe. It will hold the hairstyle and won’t make your hair look flat. 

Now you can find different formulas in hairsprays. Some have humidity resistance, some keep the ultra-fine hair in place and some with extra holding power for some occasional hairstyles, like a bun or other hairdos.

No matter how complicated or natural your hairstyle is, the sprays do their job without making them look unreal. 


What is the proper way to use Hairspray?

Ans: Keep the nozzle of the hair spray a few inches away from your hair. Spray lightly and wait for the mist to settle and dry down. This will also help from hair strands sticking together. Run your fingers through your hair during your spray so that the mist is spread everywhere.

Is it safe to use Hairspray before curling?

Ans: It is better to use Hairspray after you curl your hair. It will hold the curls in place. You can also use the spray while you are curling.

Can I use Hairspray daily?

Ans: Yes, you can. But make sure you wash your hair regularly. Modern hairsprays do not damage your hair.

Should I shampoo my hair every time I use Hairsprays?

Ans: Not necessary. Modern and Hairspray with advanced formula do not build up on your scalp or leave residues. If you are using a good hairspray, then it should make your hair fall back naturally. 

Is there any side effect of using Hairsprays?

Ans: If you have sensitive skin, you might get red eyes, itchiness after using Hairspray. If you ever face these problems, stop using hairsprays immediately. 


If you want a glamorous hairstyle and want it to stay in place, then try any of the listed items. Don’t worry about your hair damage. All the items I have listed don’t cause any damage to your hair. They make your hair look natural and have durable holding power.

My favorite one is the Garnier Fructis Style Volume Hairspray 24H Hold Anti-Humidity. In my opinion, your Hairspray should be anti-humid.

Because, most of the time we use hairsprays in the summer season, as in those times, hair becomes unmanageable. So, your Hairspray being humidity resistant is a must. This hairspray from Garnier does it for me.

Another unique feature is; it is made with bamboo extract. Bamboo is very beneficial for our hair; it softens and gives our hair shine.

The formula of this spray is quick-drying and easy to work with. You can brush-off your hair after using this hair spray. It won’t make your hair stiff or crunchy.

It also adds volume from the root. As a result, your hair looks natural and voluminous. Apart from the price point, this is your perfect item for hair. 

All of these listed items are affordable and have a good user rating. You can choose any of these according to your preference.