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5 Best Drugstore Foundation for Flash Photography [2021]

Best Drugstore Foundation for Flash Photography

We all want to look flawless on special occasions, like; wedding day, graduation day, re-union party, and whatnot. If you always find yourself weird about flash photography, then this the right place for you.

We don’t want to look tan or have a white-case face in our photographs. This is called flash-back, and it causes people to appear gray, white compared to their natural skin color.

It is a struggle to find an affordable foundation that checks on every issue. Our primary purpose is to look stunning, in person, and also in our photographs.

High-end foundations are great, but not everyone can afford them. They come with a big price tag. You will be happy to know there are some drugstore options available now that overcomes the flash-back problem.

They are comparatively cheaper and also perform the job well. These won’t make you look ghostly in flash photographs. You can relax and choose any of the following foundations that I mention in this article. 

Best Drugstore Foundation for Flash Photography Comparison Chart [2021]:

Preview Product Ratings Price
wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation 4.9Check Latest Price
L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation Makeup 5.0Check Latest Price
Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Liquid Foundation Makeup4.8Check Latest Price
COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation4.8Check Latest Price
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Total Control Drop Foundation4.9Check Latest Price

5 Best Drugstore Foundation for Flash Photography Reviews [2021]:

  • wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation
  • L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation Makeup
  • Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Liquid Foundation Makeup
  • COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation
  • NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Total Control Drop Foundation

1. wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation

As the name goes, this foundation is specially designed to make your camera ready. They are not wrong.

This is the most hyped foundation from Wet n Wild. The color range is amazing. The formula is light on the skin and very easy to blend.

Even on mature skin this solution does the amazing performance.

Moreover, this product is also recommended for bridal makeup and any parties.

This foundation doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It comes with a spatula and needs a little amount. You can build up the coverage.

But a single drop covers a wide area. One interesting feature of this foundation is, it makes you look natural.

It will seem like you have a bare face, and it will look radiant. This foundation has a demi-matte velvety finish and feels like nothing on the face.

If you have dry patches, then this will cover up that, without emphasizing. Also, it masks fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and other imperfections. The fact is its active ingredients are amazing for quick healing. The staying power is also good, in comparing being a drugstore product.


  • Budget-friendly foundation.
  • It has a medium to full coverage.
  • It gives a satin or demi-matte finish.
  • It won’t cause white-cast in your photos.


  • It doesn’t come with a pump.
  • It has a weird smell.

2. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation Makeup

L’Oreal always wins the battle with their phenomenal face products. I have always been a fan of l’oreal foundation.

This Infallible pro-matte formula has a creamy finish and goes on smoothly on your skin. This foundation is lightweight and stays for a long time too.

The company claims it has a 24-hour staying power. It leaves a soft silky finish to your skin. It hides the imperfections of your skin and makes your look flawless.

You can either use a brush or sponge for applying this foundation. It has a very light finish, so your face won’t feel cakey. This is a foundation you can count on your special day.

Your photos will come stunning, I promise. Though it has a matte finish, your skin will look radiant and natural. The shade range is excellent, and anyone can find their shade.


  • It gives a matte yet natural finish.
  • The lightweight formula feels like a feather.
  • It gives full coverage to your face.
  • Brilliant shade range.
  • The staying power is amazing.
  • It blends smoothly. 


  • This foundation comes in a tube packaging. 

3. Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Liquid Foundation

Maybelline is another popular drugstore brand that makes amazing face products. The Super Stay full-coverage liquid foundation claims to have a 24-hour long staying power.

People went crazy when this foundation first launched, and honestly, it didn’t let anyone down. The coverage is fantastic, as you need just a single pump to cover your entire face.

Moreover, we noticed its amazing SPF rating that ensures the ultimate sun protecting capacity.

The foundation goes on smoothly in your skin and will stay in place no matter how hot it gets outside.

The formula has full coverage with intense pigmentation. It doesn’t cause flash-back and will make you look a glam star in your photos.

Despite being full coverage, it makes you look natural. The shade range is quite extensive, and you can find your skin color easily. 

However, before applying on dry skin, add a certain amount of moisture. On the other hand, for oily skin it gives the amazing result.

This solution helps to remove excess grease, oil, and residue. That’s why its regular use will give you permanent curing.


  • It has amazing staying power.
  • It gives a flawless matte finish.
  • Perfect for flash photography.
  • It provides full coverage.
  • The packaging comes with a pump.


  • It might not suit dry skin people.

4. COVERGIRL Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

This foundation has a 3-in-1 formula. It does the work of a primer, foundation, and concealer altogether.

To get a flashback look this full coverage drugstore foundation is the best option for you. Apart from natural look, this model is also trustable for proper healing from different skin imperfections.

Yes! Most of the makeup artist keep this product as their top choice.

You just need this single foundation to take care of the matter. This foundation comes with a pump, which is always preferable.

The coverage is medium to full. One pump is enough to hide your blemishes and get the matte finish. But, if your skin has a lot of texture and acne spots, then you might need a second pump.

This formula is long-lasting and even outs your skin if you have blemishes. This foundation has a thick texture, so if you have dry skin, it might feel heavy.

This formula dries out quickly. I would suggest using a foundation brush with this one, rather than a blender. It stays up to 7 hours without any cracking or smudging. 


  • Medium to full coverage.
  • The bottle comes with a pump.
  • It even outs skin.
  • Blendable makeup


  • Not suitable for dry skin people.
  • It has SPF in it.

5. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Total Control Drop Foundation

Any makeup list is incomplete without NYX products. The total control drop foundation is another flash photography foundation.

It gives a medium to full coverage to your face. This foundation comes with a dropper and has a watery texture. This is very light to your skin and blends like a dream.

You can build up your desired coverage with this foundation. If your skin has more texture and pores, then you can layer up the foundation.

Even after layering up, it won’t feel heavy on the skin. It gives a velvety matte finish and can be used in all skin types.

You can a foundation brush or a beauty blender to apply this. Another favorite thing is, this item is cruelty–free.


  • Lightweight formula.
  • Recommended for sensitive skin types
  • It provides sheer to full coverage.
  • Any skin type can use this.
  • Cruelty-free product.
  • Perfect for flash test


  • It comes with a dropper.
  • It might not suit oily skin people.

Your selection of foundation according to the skin type

Let’s talk about basic things before showing you the foundation. If you are new to makeup or don’t have a good idea about your skin, then read through this part.

Your foundation selection will entirely depend on your skin type. So first, find out what is your skin type, like; dry, oily, or combination. 

Dry or Combination:

I am putting these two together, as combination skin people also get dry skin during winter.

If you have dry or combinational skin, then go for a foundation that offers luminosity, hydrating, and has a satin finish. Dry or combination skin looks at its best if the foundation has a satin finish.

It makes your skin look glowy. It also retains the natural moisture to your skin, and it looks radiant in photographs.

On the other side, if you use a matte foundation, it will highlight the dry patches, wrinkles, and fine lines on your face.

Your skin will feel much dry after removing makeup. Matte foundation absorbs typically excess oil from your skin.

So, thirsty skin people will look dull and weird if they use a matte finish foundation.

Also, try to buy a foundation with buildable coverage as they won’t feel heavy or cakey on your face.

Oily Skin:

If you have oily skin, then obviously, your skin will appear oilier and prone to breakouts.

You need something that removes the excess oil and makes you look natural. Also, oily skins have a problem of fading out the makeup quickly. The excess oil if your face smudges the makeup.

You need something that removes excess oil and gives you a matte and natural look. Always choose a foundation that has a matte finish.

The most promising feature in any matte foundation is it removes the extra oil from your face. So the skin looks natural, and the makeup stays for a longer time.

Oily skin also tends to have pores, fine lines, and acne spots. Use a foundation with full coverage. It will hide all the imperfection and will make you look flawless. 

Normal or Combination:

If you are lucky enough to have healthy skin, then I am happy to inform you can try any type of foundation.

It depends on your personal preference if you want something full or buildable coverage, have a satin or matte finish.

Try a medium to full coverage foundation that has long staying power. Your pictures will come out amazing. 

Sensitive skin:

If you have sensitive skin, then always be careful while choosing your foundation.

Go for a foundation that is fragrance-free, oil-free, and dermatologically tested.

Use something that has buildable coverage as a full-coverage foundation can feel thick on your skin and can cause breakouts. 

Things to remember before buying a Foundation

Apart from your skin type, remember the following facts while choosing your foundation.

  • Foundation with Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide is strictly a no. These elements tend to cause flash-back. Avoid using any foundation that has SPF in it. 
  • Avoid using a primer with SPF. Not only foundation but also the primer can ruin your look in photographs.
  • Be careful with the shade. Try to buy your foundation in person if you are confused about the shade. Mismatch in foundation shade can be the main culprit.
  • Buying a buildable coverage foundation is better. Then you can control how much coverage you want.
  • Use a beauty blender instead of a brush. Beauty blender gives natural and precise application. 

My Thoughts

Selecting the proper foundation is necessary for any makeup look. Your foundation is the base of your makeup.

Choosing the right type of foundation depending on your skin type is a must. Always remember, you have to have a foundation exactly matching with your natural skin tone.

Using a lighter or darker shade can ruin your entire look. For photographs, it is also mandatory to look natural, so that your natural beauty comes out in your photos.

From the list I mentioned, my most favorite product is the Wet n Wild photo focus foundation. This product from Wet n Wild is a real gem.

This has a light consistency that blends like a dream. You won’t feel any thickness. This foundation also gives the most natural, velvety finish. The coverage is also excellent.

It hides pores, blemishes, and dark spots. A little amount is enough covering your face. The shade range is also extensive.

Almost all skin tones are available in their range. Wet n Wild is a cruelty – free brand, and this product ticks out every condition of my list.

This fantastic foundation will cost you a couple of bucks. This is a foundation worthy of every coin you spend.