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Best Drugstore Fake Lashes [2021]

Best Drugstore Fake Lashes

Fake lashes can transform your entire eye look. Gorgeous and dramatic lashes make your eyes stand out from any other eye look. They have been around the market for years.

But with time, fake lashes have changed a lot. They have become more natural-looking, flexible, and, of course, more comfortable to apply. 

Before, eyelashes took a lot of effort to be involved on. But in recent times, they are easy to use. New to makeup persons can easily use a pair of fake lashes now.

There are different types of eyelashes in the market. Some are made from mink hair. Some are made with human hair.

If you want something cruelty-free, then go for human hair made fake lashes. If you are new to fake lashes, then this is the right place for you. 

We have listed down some drugstore based fake lashes for you. These are budget-friendly and will last you a couple of uses.

Not only the low cost, but the lashes I will mention are also of excellent quality. They look natural and won’t feel over the top. They are also easy to use. So, go through the article and find the perfect fake lashes for yourself. 

Fake lashes from the drugstore

Eyelash extensions can be expensive and can also harm your natural eyes. So, it’s better to use fake lashes.

Plus, the good thing is you will get the same effect on your eyes. There is no compromise in the look. A couple of dollars can save hundreds of dollars.

Here are our picks for the best drugstore fake lashes. These are worth your time and money. 

The Book of Lashes: Volume 2 – Sparkle

These high-quality faux mink lashes will give you a dramatic look. It adds length and fullness to your eyes.

These are made with Korean poly-fibers and completely cruelty-free. 100% black cotton thread is used in the band.

The band blends with the natural lash line. These lashes are very soft and look natural. These sturdy and good-quality lashes can be used multiple times.

You can easily store them in any packaging. These are comfortable to use and hypoallergenic. There won’t be any irritation and safe to use for prolonged times. 

Special Facts:

  • Irritation-free and cruelty-free
  • Applicable for multiple times
  • Flexible

e.l.f. Cosmetics Winged & Polished Luxe Lash Kit

These dramatic fake lashes are very affordable. These luxe lash kits have a very luxurious and gives a dramatic effect.

The name is fitting with the quality. This lash kit has double layers. The crisscross lashes provide a smokey and winged look.

But it never affects your natural lashes. The lash band is made with a flexible material that is easy to use.

This band fits every eye shape. The lash band blends seamlessly with your natural lash line. Another positive point for this lash kit is, it is cruelty-free. The kit also comes with an applicator.

Special Facts:

  • Gives dramatic look (Just like human hair)  
  • Comes with easy application
  • One of the best drugstore lashes

Ardell False Lashes #110 Black

Ardell is the most famous brand for making fake lashes. All users love this brand. If you want eyelashes but better look, then try this one.

You can achieve extra drama and dimension with this Ardell lashes. These are crafted in such a way that they give soft and fluffy lashes. You can pair these lashes perfectly with a chic makeup look.

So, you can use this kit for a long time. These lashes are reusable and will last you for months. Also, you can easily remove it.

These eyelashes are very lightweight and won’t feel heavy on the eyes. These also look very natural on the eyes. Your eyelids won’t feel droopy. 

The false lashes are effortless to put on. If you are a newbie, then try this lash kit. These are 100% cruelty-free and hypoallergenic.

Special Facts:

  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Pretty light weight
  • Gives fluffy lashes

Kiss Products No. 05 Ever EZ Lashes

Another famous brand for making fake lashes is Kiss lashes. These lashes are made with human hair. They are natural-looking and reusable. and simple to remove.

As they are made with human hair, these look more natural than other false lashes. This lash kit comes with a silicone applicator. With proper adhesive, you can easily use these lash kit.

There are five pairs so that it will last you for a year. These won’t cause any irritation in the eyes. These are suitable for contact lens wearer.

Special Facts:

  • Helps to get different styles
  • No chance of irritation
  • Reusable and ultra-durable

Eylure Naturals False Lashes, Style No. 003

This is another best seller fake lash from the drugstore. These lashes are great for someone who hasn’t use eyelashes before. These are easy to apply and can be used all day long.

They are lightweight and natural. These eyelashes add subtle fullness and extra length to your lashes. You can have a natural look with these lightweight lashes.

This eyelash comes with adhesive. It doesn’t cause any irritation, and it is safe to use. You can use these lashes multiple times. It will last you for months. The lash band is clear and not visible.

Special Facts:

  • Itching-proof
  • Simple to apply and simple to remove
  • Gives extra length
  • Light-weight lashes

My thoughts

Some people want to use fake lashes every day, and some use only on special occasions. The fake lashes from our list are safe to use.

These have excellent quality and will last you for months. My favorite one from the list is the Ardell lashes. These are the most flexible and soft fake lashes.

These are budget-friendly. The quality is top-notch and very lightweight. Try any of the lashes I have mentioned and adds some extra dimension to your eye look.