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Best Drugstore Face Oil [2021]

Best Drugstore Face Oil

Face oil is one of the popular product that is slowly adding up in everyone’s skincare routine. You might think to apply face oil makes your skin prone to acne and breakouts, then you are wrong.

You can use face oil on its own or mix it with your regular moisturizer or even foundation. Face oil can transform your skin.

They contain fatty acids that nourish, moisturize your skin, and also protects your skin’s barrier.

They also leave a subtle radiant glow on your skin. You can find a bunch of high-end face oil that can completely change your skin texture.

But luckily, a few drugstores face oils that do the same job without breaking your bank account. In this article, I will list up a few drugstores’ face oils that you can try. 

Benefits of using Face Oil

Face oil is a must in your skincare routine. You can use it every 2 to 3 days each week.

I like about face oil because you can use it along or mix it with your regular moisturizers.

Some face oil contains many active ingredients that tackle different skin issues like; aging, environmental damage, acne, etc.

Here are the benefits of using face oil:

  • It deeply nourishes your skin.
  • It hydrates dehydrated skin.
  • Face oil leaves a subtle glow on your face.
  • It protects your skin barrier.
  • It makes your skin look young.
  • Minimized blemishes.
  • Protect your skin from pollution.
  • Removes acne and dark spots.
  • Makes your skin lighter.

It is essential to choose the right face oil. Some offer traditional skincare benefits. But some have extra things to offer.

Depending on your skin and concerns, you should select the right face oil. If you want something to remove skin discoloration, then choose Argan oil.

If dehydration is your principal issue, then choose something that has coconut extract.

Face Oils from The Drugstore

Burt’s Bees Complete Nourishment Facial Oil

Burt’s Bees is one of the reputed company that makes quality skincare products. This nourishment facial oil is loved by many.

f you have dry skin, this face will give you the ultimate nourishment. This natural hydration and anti-aging powered facial oil are a must-try.

It makes your skin look healthy and young. This oil has a concentrated blend of jojoba, rosehip, and primrose.

This leaves your skin nourished, smooth and supple all day. This oil fights the signs of aging. Your wrinkle and fine lines will be less visible if used regularly.

This face oil prevents skin dullness and makes it healthy and hydrating. This oil is 99.9% natural. It is made with fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins to help rejuvenate your skin.


  • It’s completely natural.
  • Perfect for maximum skin types
  • This oil nourishes your skin and deeply hydrates.
  • Your skin will feel smooth and soft all day.
  • It hides fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • It makes your skin look healthy and younger-looking.


  • Unpleasant and robust fragrance. 
  • It is too oily for combination and oily skin.

CeraVe Gel Oil

If you are suffering from acne-prone skin, this facial oil is right for you. Cerave is known for making fantastic skincare products. All of their products are made with ceramides that help your skin restore and protect its natural skin barrier.

This gel oil is non-comedogenic. It also contains ceraplex technology – a unique five ceramide and sunflower blend. It helps to improve with hydration and complexion of your skin.

It gives the ultimate result to recover the dead cells with the proper nourishment. Even for oily skin, you can use it, because, this solution does not makes your face greasy.

On the other hand, you can get a natural look.

The unique MVE controlled-release technology to help replenish ceramides and deliver long-lasting motorization. For intense hydration, you can use it with lotion.

This formula is non-comedogenic. It means it won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts. This oil is fragrance-free.


  • It makes your skin healthy.
  • Ceramide helps to moisturize your skin deep.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Non –comedogenic formula.
  • It improves your skin radiance.


  • The texture is a bit oily.
  • It feels heavy on the skin.


This is an oil primer. If you are suffering from dehydration and your makeup looks cakey and flakey, then try this primer before putting on the foundation.

Treat your parched skin with this soothing oil primer. This primer oil is best for dry skin that needs some extra care. This oil is infused with rice and jojoba oil that smooths and preps your skin before makeup.

Also, it includes a certain amount of SPF to block sun rays.

You will have a silky stain finish all-day. This primer keeps an ideal balance of hydration and oil when using under makeup. For just a dewy finish, you can even wear this oil on its own.

It gives a luminous and flawless finish throughout the day. This oil comes with a dropper that is very easy to use.

If you are not comfortable with concentrated face oils, then try this one. This primer oil has a light texture, and it blends in your skin smoothly. (No need to use extra moisturizer)


  • Affordable in price.
  • Lightweight formula.
  • It has rice and jojoba oil in it.
  • It hydrates your skin.
  • Leaves a glow in your face.


  • Not for oily skin.
  • Please don’t use it under sunscreen.

Pixi Rose Oil Blend

Pixi is another famous brand for skincare products. For different skin concerns, they have a wide range of products. The rose oil blend is made of natural ingredients.

This oil has highly active ingredients like; rosehip oil, pomegranate seed, and rose geranium. The texture is non-greasy and it won’t feel thick on skin.

The light formula absorbs in your skin fast. It leaves your skin softer and smoother. It also hides blemishes and fine lines.

If you have hyperpigmentation, then this could be your ideal product. This oil also makes your skin look radiant.

Perfect for daily skin-care routine.


  • Non-sticky formula.
  • Quickly absorbs on skin.
  • It makes your skin look radiant.
  • Softens your skin.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.


  • Not for sensitive skin.
  • Feels to oily on combination skin.

Physicians Formula 24k gold collagen oil serum

If you want something more luxurious but within a budget, try the Physician’s Formula 24k gold collagen oil serum.

This oil has 24k gold-infused formula with other active ingredients like; marula oil and vegan collagen. It makes your skin firmer, plumper. It lightens your skin complexion and makes it softer.

This is also an anti-aging face oil that rejuvenates your skin and makes it look younger. This face oil can be used on sensitive skin too.

This oil also has glycerin that restores lost elasticity and firmness. This product fights the early signs of aging. This face oil is dermatologist tested and safe to use.


  • Anti-aging formula.
  • It makes your skin soft and smooth.
  • It improves the elasticity and restores your skin.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Makes your skin hydrating and supple.


  • A bit on the pricier side.

How to Use Face Oil?

One thing I like about face oil is, it can be used in different ways. You can use it in any of the following methods and add it to your skincare routine:

Use on its own:

This is the simplest way. Just take few drops of oil in your fingertips and gently press on your skin. 2 to 3 drops are enough for covering your entire face.

You can also apply this on your neck or even elbows if you have dry skin. Gently massage to your skin, and you will feel hydration instantly.

Mix with moisturizer:

Another common way is to mix a few drops of oil with any moisturizer that you use.

These few drops will enhance the moisturizing ability of your regular cream or lotion. You can use face oil every 2 to 3 days a week.

Mix with your Makeup:

If you want a dewy makeup, mix a few face oil drops with your liquid foundation. It will leave a radiant glow. For extra dry skin, this works great. 


Face oils are getting more popular with time. It is a must if you want to take some extra care of your skin.

If you are having aging skin problems, then it is a must. It will restore the glow and moisture of your skin. It makes your skin glow and prevents your skin from environmental damage.

All of the face oil from the list works great. My favorite is the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Hydra Touch Oil Primer. I love it more as it is very affordable in price.

It also has a thin consistency. It quickly absorbs in your skin. It hydrates your skin and makes it plump and supple.

It is infused with rice and jojoba oil. With deep hydration and nourishment, this restores the lost moisture of your skin. 

Add any of the listed face oil and add that extra dose of moisture to your skin. These are budget-friendly and do their job correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put face oil before or after moisturizer?

Ans: You can use it either way. If you apply it before moisturizer, then it quickly absorbs in your skin. You can also apply it after moisturizer so that the oil seals the moisture in your skin.

What is the best moisturizing oil for the face?

Ans: You can choose any face oil that has these ingredients like; Marula, jojoba, olive, sunflower, maracuja, grapeseed.

What is the best face oil for Anti-aging?

Ans: For anti-aging issues, try something that has Argan oil. As it deep moisturizes your skin. Oils with retinol are best for firming, smoothing, and fading fine lines.

Which is better oil or serum?

Ans: The main difference between oil and serum is that the molecules are more extensive in oil. That penetrated only through the outermost layers of the skin.

Oil can have 100 sized molecules. This property makes it better than serums.

Can facial oil replace moisturizer?

Ans: Facial Oil helps to lock the hydration of your skin. They have properties that smooth your skin.

But it doesn’t have other skincare properties that we get from a skin moisturizer. So I wouldn’t recommend replacing a moisturizer with facial oil.