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5 Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pomade Reviews [2021]

Well-defined brows are the key to achieve a polished and complete look. Brows are important. Your whole makeup look can fall-off if your prows are not correctly done.

Your eye looks won’t look great, no matter how good your blending game is. Thanks to the modern age makeup, we have plenty of brow products available in the market.

There are brow pomades, brow pencil, brow gels, and whatnot. Depending on your choice and comfort, you can choose the right brow products.

With lots of options available, it can difficult what to choose and what not. In this article, we will precisely talk about brow pomades.

If you are e beginner, then it might feel challenging for you. Brow pencils, on the other hand, are easy to use.

But, brow pomade gives more precise control and a natural look. Your brow will look properly shaped and thick if you use a brow pomade. It might sound complicated at first.

But, once you start using a brow pomade, I am sure you won’t switch to any other brow product. 

High-end brands have so many options for brow pomades. These could be very pricey, as brow pomade is a kind of product that is used almost every day.

It will finish-off quickly, and you will think twice before buying another one. I am happy to share that the drugstore also has quite a few options available for us.

These brow pomades from the drugstore have a similar quality, at a much affordable price. I have researched the drugstore items and found out some of the best drugstore eyebrow pomades for you. 

5 Best Eyebrow Pomades from The Drugstore Reviews [2021]

As mentioned above, we will focus on the drugstore to find a perfect eyebrow pomade for you.

Even though the price will be low, but the following eyebrows will provide you the same quality, just like any high-end brand.

Here are some eyebrow pomades from the drugstore:

1. Milani Stay Put Brow Color

Brow color that stays put – according to Milani, this brow pomade will remain in place no matter what happens.

This pomade will give your eyebrows a professional look. You can define, sculpt, and fill your brow like a pro.

Here you are getting a couple of shade ranges and a long wear time. It has a 16-hour wear time that allows perfect brows for a hectic day. There are eight shades from soft brown to dark chocolate available in this line.

You can easily find the right color for your brows. It comes with a dual-ended brush, with a spoolie in one end and an eye definer on the other. Moreover, this eyebrow makeup keeps the brow’s hair in shape and covers the sparse spots easily.

First, brush your eyebrow with the spoolie. Then dip the angled tip in the product and draw the shape.

Do small hair-like strokes to add thickness. Later, blend the product with the spoolie. This is a vegan and cruelty-free product.

Even you do not face the smudge issue. You can apply it with or without an applicator.


  • Natural and smudge-proof products.
  • It has a good shade variation.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Cruelty-free product.
  • Affordable price.


  • It fades quickly.
  • The brush quality is not good. 

2. Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade

This Tattoo studio brow pomade is another bestselling item from the drugstore. The pomade has a medium to high buildable coverage.

You can have a natural-looking brow with this product. The long-lasting finish sculpts and created beautiful looking brows.

It also comes with a dual-ended brush that can be used to sculpt and brush your eyebrows. The shade range is also impressive, as it comes in 8 different shades.

It is very easy to choose the right shade for your brows. The waterproof formula also doesn’t smudge. You can wear this for a long time and it won’t rub-off.

It can only be removed by makeup removers or any oil-based product. Maybelline claims this product will stay up to 24-hours without any problem. 

Overall, you will love its quick blending, long time wearing, water-proof formula, and the ease of application.

(You can use it with a liner, brush, applicator, even bare hand)


  • Waterproof brow pomade.
  • It gives a natural finish.
  • It is available in 8 different shades.
  • It comes with an applicator. 
  • Reliable brow definer.
  • Easy to use.


  • Users complain about the shade quality. 

3. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Tame & Frame Eyebrow Pomade

We all know, NYX is popular for its high-quality products. One fantastic about NYX products is that they are so inexpensive. It comes with a couple of shade options to match with your blond lash hair and make it glossier.

For a dense thickness and long-lasting effect, this brow pomade is perfect. Sculpt the shape of your brows and then fill in the gaps with natural hair-like strokes.

Add layers and blend until you achieve your desired look. This waterproof formula stays in place for a long time. This doesn’t come off quickly.

The shade range is not that wide. Still, it has 5 shades you can choose from. From blonde to dark, it offers all the basic shades.

It active ingredients ensures the long wearing formula and also the ultimate skin protection.

The quantity is quite good, and it will last you for a few months. The formula blends fast and doesn’t flake. One drawback is that; it doesn’t come with any applicator.


  • Easy to blend.
  • Long-lasting formula.
  • Cruelty-free product.
  • Natural-looking effect.
  • Waterproof.


  • The shade range should expand.
  • Dries out quickly. 
  • It doesn’t come with a brush.

4. L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Frame and Set

L’Oreal Paris is a trusted brand that is available in the market for years. They offer some of the cult-favorite products.

This stylish brow frame and the set is another of their best-rated items. This pomade will give you the ultimate perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Your makeup look will enhance 100 times by using this pomade. For a perfect defined and fullness, this product is your right choice.

It naturally defines your brows and ensures precision application. It also helps to improve your hair growth.

This has a long-lasting formula that will last for up to 24-hours. It doesn’t smudge and is waterproof.

The shade range is average, and I think they should have more shades in the future.

The formula is fantastic and worth every penny. For more effective results, you can add some castor oil with the product.


  • Blends easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • Waterproof formula.
  • It lasts for 24 hours.
  • It doesn’t come off quickly.
  • It comes with a brush. 


  • Users complain about clumping after a few uses. 

5. Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade with Brush

Makeup revolution is a popular makeup brand that makes budget-friendly right quality products. Their product line is huge.

For a long-lasting natural brow effect, their brow pomade could be your ultimate choice. The pomade is smudge-proof and will last for 24 hours.

The creamy formula is easy to apply and blend. It comes with an applicator brush that helps to blend the product and give a natural finish.

The pomade is also waterproof. The durable formula will provide a natural sculpted brow.

It doesn’t dry out fast, and you won’t have to repurchase for a few months straight. It comes in five shades.

You can choose your natural brow color from the shade range.


  • Easy to blend.
  • It lasts up to 24 hours.
  • Waterproof and smudge-proof.
  • Natural effect.


  • The brush is not good.
  • The shade range should be wider. 

What is an eyebrow pomade?

If you haven’t use eyebrow pomades ever, then you might be confused. Let’s start from the beginning.

To have a well-groomed eyebrow, we need to give it proper definition and shape. To do that, we need eyebrow products. 

An eyebrow pomade has a cream-based formula and comes in a pot. There is also a brush included with the pomade, specially designed to shape our eyebrows.

At first glance, you will think of a gel eyeliner when you see the pot. They have a similar kind of vibe. Anyhow, eyebrow pomades are creamier and have our natural brow colors.

For natural-looking fake eyebrow hair, a pomade is much more appropriate. It defines your brows and gives it an attractive look. Good quality eyebrow pomades are smudge-free and waterproof. 

The brush that comes with the pomade has an angular shape, which is perfect for defining brows.

You will draw a line around your brows to define the shape. Then you will do small strokes to draw the brows. It creates thickness in your eyebrows.

Eyebrow pomades give a natural look to your brows. It doesn’t look fake and too thick. 

My Thoughts

For precise and beautifully sculpted brow, you need to have an excellent quality brow pomade. It will shape and make your brows look thick.

A complete eyebrow leads to a complete look. Before choosing a brow pomade, you need to find your shade color.

Choosing the right shade for your brows is essential. Too dark shade will look weird and unnatural. You should select your brow pomade shade depending on your natural hair color.

Then comes the applicator. If you are not satisfied with the brush that comes with the pomade, then use another one.

You can also buy an eyebrow brush separately. Dip the angled side of the brush a little in the pot. Then sculpt the brow shape.

Draw small hair-like strokes to make it look as natural as possible. Then blend the product with the brush.

The items that I picked is one of the better rated from the market. You may choose any of these.

My favorite is the Milani eyebrow pomade. It comes with a good quality brush. The pomade has a creamy texture that is easy to blend.

Blending is very important while using a brow pomade. A waxy formula can turn out in a disaster. The pomade comes is a good variety of shade.

You can easily choose the color from a wide variety. It lasts for a long time, and the formula is also waterproof. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a brow pomade do?

Ans: Brow pomade is the secret product to get bold and defined brows. It is a cream product that is used to sculpt, shape, and fill your brows. The formula is natural and gives a natural finish to your eyebrows.

Which one is a better option, a brow pomade or a pencil?

A: To fill the sparse areas pencil is the perfect choice. On the other hand, a brow pomade gives a darker or bold brow.

However, gel or waxes are the most recommend option for a lady to fix the unruly brow’s hair in shape.

How durable is a brow pomade?

A: Typically, a premium quality smudge-proof product can last at least 24 hours.

(Once you apply it you do not need to reapply)

How long does a brow pomade last after application?

Ans: Almost all of the brow pomades will last for 24 hours after application. They have a smudge-proof formula. 

How to fix dried out brow pomade?

Ans: If your brow pomade feels dry, then you can fix it. Use a few drops of castor oil in the pot and blend the items with it. You will get the same creamy formula like before.

Is pomade safe to use?

Ans: Yes. Brow pomades are natural and completely safe to use. Your natural eyebrows won’t be harmed.