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5 Best Drugstore Cream Contour – Reviews And Buying Guide [2021]

Best Drugstore Cream Contour

Do you wish you had a sharper jawline, thinner face, pointed nose, or a more delicate forehead?

Well, do not worry anymore. Best drugstore cream contour and highlighting is a temporary solution to all these problems.

Contouring is the talk of the town nowadays in the makeup world, and these kits are highly adorable to all fashion concern ladies. One can completely restructure her face by using shade and light in the right places.

But to get it right, It is essential to get the right product and shade for you. Cream contour is excellent if you want to opt for a more natural, subtle contour.W

e have tried and tasted some drugstore contour kits, and Today, we will show you the best drugstore cream contours with a distinctive review.

So let’s get started. We will talk about the top-rated cream contouring products in the industry.

5 Best Drugstore Cream Contour Stick Comparison Chart [2021]:

Preview Product Ratings Price
Maybelline Master Contour Duo Stick4.9Check Latest Price
NYX Wonder Stick 5.0Check Latest Price
COVERGIRL Trublend Contour Palette 4.8Check Latest Price
e.l.f. Contour Palette 4.9Check Latest Price
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Contour Cream Kit 4.9Check Latest Price

5 Best Drugstore Cream Contour Reviews [2021]:

1. Maybelline New York Makeup Face Studio Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick, Light Shade Contour Stick, 0.24 oz (Best of the best, according to expert ratings)

About the product: 

Are you a beginner and looking for flawless contour? Then this product is highly preferable.

With this contour stick, you will get a super matte finish without hampering your natural look.

And the most beautiful part is you are getting excellent insulation within a short time!

The Maybelline master contour V stick has an oval tip. It will give you varied application angles. The stick twists up, and the cream contour stick has a dark contour side and a lighter highlighting side.

This v-shaped creamy solution slides quickly and delivers a glowing effect on the two specific areas. The dark part helps to contours the cheek line. And the light one highlights the cheekbone areas.

Also, it masks the fine lines, dark spots, acne, and other visible blemishes. It comes in three different contour shades: Light, medium, dark.

Item Specification: 

  • Colour: Light
  • Product Dimensions: 1 inch x 1 inch x 3.4 inches 
  • Item weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 0.8 ounces 
  • UPC: 041554481891
  • Item model number: K2105800

Key facts:

  • Fastest blending capability
  • Side effect-free application
  • Comes with adequate quantity
  • Fantastic matte bronzer

Things you will like

  • Relatively cheaper
  • Simple applying feature 
  • Blends easily to the skin
  • Travel-friendly 
  • long lasting

Limitation & drawbacks

  • Few shades. 
  • The water-proof features are not high-effective. But the positive part is it never wipes off the blending 
  • Poor packaging 

Our verdict:

Overall, this fantastic formula perfectly defines and enlightens your facial structure. I highly recommend it for regular use (To get the v-shaped look).

2. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Wonder Stick, Universal, 0.28 Ounce:

About the product: 

This dual-ended highlighting and contouring stick with neutral shimmer offers you a vast number of shading options.

Available in 4 different shade combinations to fit every skin tone: Light, Medium/Tan, Deep, and Universal.

And you will get the most comfortable and fastest blending property.

This product comes in a stick with two tubes .one highlight shade and one contour shade. Although the packaging is ubiquitous, the cardboard cover does have a pictorial representation of how to use the product and the areas where you need to highlight and the areas where you need to contour, which is very good for those who are new to contouring and need some reference.

Yes, this item is pretty easy to apply. But my advice is tricky while using this formula. The best way is: At first, apply the lighter shade at the pick points of your face.

After that, filch the deeper one along with the basic contouring. This simple hack helps to get the more appealing look with the ultimate durability.

Because it comes in a stick, it gives you more control and can be more precise at contouring. This is one of the best drugstore contour palettes.

Ideal alternative of bronzer.  Overall, you will love its full coverage. Besides the strong jawline or define cheekbones, it nourishes your skin tone permanently. 

Item Specification: 

  • Color: Universal 
  • Size: 0.28 Ounce
  • Product Dimensions: 1.3 inches x 1.3 inches x 4.4 inches 
  • Product weight: 1.28 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces 

Things you will like

  • Easy to apply and blends quickly
  • Worth the price
  • Good coverage
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Better shade range
  • Great for beginners
  • Perfect for the affordable contouring

Limitation & drawbacks

  • Very basic packaging
  • Thin consistency
  • lasting power not impressive

Key facts: 

  • Neutral shimmer 
  • Gorgeous finishing capability 
  • Ensures depth effect 
  • An excellent skin perfector

Our verdict: 

In general, this product is fantastic and suitable for all skin tones. The stick is super easy to use.

If you are looking for a lovely, natural result, go for it. The product is creamy, easily blendable, and it doesn’t cake or go patchy if you buff it in.

Overall, this is one of the most affordable drugstore cream contour.

(Applicable both for fair skin and dark skin)

3. COVERGIRL Trublend Contour Palette Light 0.28 Oz, 0.161 Pound :

About the product

Celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath designs the COVERGIRL truBlend Contour Palette. It is a three-step contouring palette.

It effortlessly defines and sculpts the face. The formula is creamy and smooth. The palette has three shades of Highlight, Bronze, and Contour.

I love the creamy texture of the palette. The formula is easy to blend and super pigmented. The Bronzer and highlighter colors are perfect, as well. The bronzer lifts the face.

You can apply the creme with fluffy brushes as they blend very well. The effect will last all day long. Moreover, you can remove it quickly at the end of the day.

Item Specification: 

  • Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches ; 0.48 ounces  
  • Item weight: 2.4 ounces 
  • Product model number: 80286224

Things you will like

  • super creamy and pigmented
  • easy for beginners 
  • It is long-lasting and does not fade quickly
  • travel-friendly
  • Recommended for sensitive skin

Limitation & drawbacks

  • Does not come with a mirror

Special facts:

  • Deeper finish
  • Ultra-durable  
  • Ensures darker shades

Our verdict:

Overall, I’d recommend the CoverGirl TruBlend Contour Palette, especially for those who are just trying out the contouring trend!

4. e.l.f. Cosmetics Contour Palette, Four Powder Shades Perfectly Contour and Highlight Your Features

About the product: 

Oh! You are getting this product remarkably at a cheap rate. The specialty of the cream contour is it ensures you the most high-effective nourishment.

This palette is a quad palette which contains one shimmer and three mattes. On the top left, there is a semi-white shimmer highlighter.

Typically, it works as a good remedy for oily skins. The fact is it can easily soaks the excess oil and dirt residue from the facial area. Moreover, to cover the visible blemishes this palette is quite effective for the maximum skin tone.

Next to it is a semi-light yellow matte for setting concealer. Below, there is a bronzer shade on the left and a contour on the right.

This kit defines the cheek and jaw lines perfectly. Overall, you will get the perfect finish, and it is simple to apply.

The best way is: At first, rub the bronzy shade lightly over your face. Then, implement the deep highlighter. After that, you will get a magical chance.

The palette has everything you need for basic contouring. This one is my favorite among the best drugstore cream contours.

Item Specification: 

  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 inches x 1.2 inches x 6.9 inches 
  • Product weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 ounces 
  • ASIN: B01AKXSY36
  • UPC: 609332833425
  • Product model number: 8334

Things you will like

  • Quality product at a reasonable price
  • Nice packaging 
  • Reliable makeup product 
  • great for traveling
  • Pigmented 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Limitation & drawbacks

  • Few shades.
  • texture little greasy

Special facts 

  1. Enriched with vitamin E
  2. Deeper finish 
  3. Creamy and easy to blend
  4. Designed to highlight, sharpen, and sculpt
  5. Professional finish

Our verdict

In a word, this cream is fantastic and you can use it for multifunctional benefits. 

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Contour Cream Kit (Plastic) – Light : 

About the product

Get professional makeup at home. If you prefer some extra, I recommend this unique model for you. The fact is the solution comes with super softness with a natural matte finish.

And you are getting complete buildable coverage all day long! Another surprise is this cream offers you the quickest nourishment from all types of blemishes.

Here you will get three different countering shades with three high lightening shades. For defining the bronzing tone, this model is highly recommendable. (Apply foundation or concealer to get a more appealing look)

Item specification: 

  • Color: Light
  • Product Dimensions: 6 inches x 4.6 inches x 0.7 inches 
  • Product weight: 6.1 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 7 ounces 
  • ASIN: B014TX560W
  • UPC: 689304187060 787734630689 604146387317 689304187015
  • Product model number: ABH01-18706

Things you will like

  • Easy to blend 
  • A vast number of shades options 
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Trustable dupes of any high-end product

Limitation & drawbacks

  • Too dark shade for the fair skin.
  • A bit costly   

Special facts: 

  1. Super combination of contouring shades and highlighting
  2. Significantly amazing and reliable for bronzy effect 
  3. Buildable coverage 

Our verdict: 

If you want to highlight the facial tone uniquely, this product is highly recommendable for you.  

Additional information and FAQ:

Types of counter kits: 

Typically, this product is available in two categories. 

  1. Cream Form 
  2. Powder form 

Most of the beauty experts prefer the cream type. Cause, its effectiveness is comparatively higher than the powder form

 What is cream contour? 

This item provides more specific, natural, and subtle contouring. Comparatively, it is easier to apply. 

You can apply cream contour just with your fingers. And it is a convenient product to use on the go. But what are the specific benefits you get from contouring? Why should you apply this?

The face contouring or facial sculpting magically improves the general appearance and gives your face a unique glow.

In bonus, you will get a balanced and perfect facial outline. But it is imperative to choose the ideal product according to your skin type.

So let’s see how to apply this product for enjoying the expected result: 

Here are the tools you’ll need to create flawless contour makeup:

Required tools for contouring:

  1. A quality contour kit
  2. Blender sponge 
  3. Brush 
  4. Powders 

How to do contouring makeup? 

Process of applying: 

Step 1: Always apply your foundation first

Step 2: After applying foundation, choose a contour color two shades darker than your base. And pick a concealer at least one shade lighter to highlight.

Step 3: Now, take a few amounts of cream on the sponge. Most of the people use their index finger. Draw contour lines down your cheekbones.Map out your jawline contour lines. Then Apply your cream contour along your hairline.

Step 4 :Let it blend. Using a blending brush or sponge ,slowly blend all your contour lines into your face until there are no harsh lines left

Step 5: After that, take a few amounts of powder. Then rub it smoothly with the tinny brush. You can add blush to the apples of the cheeks to add color and soften your overall contoured look.

Creams are a great option to contour your nose. Use a small angled brush and start at the inner corners of your eyebrows to paint a thin line down towards the tip. Repeat it on the other side of your nose.

 Do’s & Don’ts of a Contour Makeup

(makeup contouring techniques)

DO: Your best option is applying matte makeup

DON’T: You should avoid using Shimmer Products

DO: Blend the solution 

DON’T: Avoid too dark finish. 

DO: Match Undertones

DON’T: Skip Blending

DO: Apply Natural Light

DON’T: Use before foundation

How to choose contouring products according to skin tone?

You can use a cream contour palette to find the right shade for you initially quickly. You can make several tests to make the correct decision for further time.

With a cream contour palette, you will need a contour brush to apply the product to your face. You can use stick contours as well.

You will need two shades then, one for contouring and one for highlighting. With a stick, you can apply it directly.

However, some crucial advice is: 

1. For highlighting: 

In this case, the shade should be lighter than the foundation shade. You can use highlight contour pro palette.

2. For contouring: 

Pick a cream contour that is 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin tone or foundation shade.

If you have a fair skin tone, Better to avoid orange shades. On the other hand, for medium grade skin, use the bronze shade. And for the dark skin: You can use a deep shade with a red undertone. And if you are confused, go for gray. gray undertone works well for most skin tones.

Why should you contour?

Typically, contouring will give your face a dramatic shadow. Its regular use (with the right amount) helps to get defineD jawlines.

Also, you can maintain the slipper nose. Moreover, to get more prominent cheekbones and fuller lips, this makeup is pretty beneficial.  Yes! In one makeup you are getting these crucial advantages.

Can I use any bronzer item instead of contouring?

To improve your medium-dark tone bronzer is quite effective. On the other hand, this item cannot define your jawlines as the contour do.

Final verdict: 

That was my roundup of the best drugstore cream contour products..Based on your skin tone, get the perfect product. The coolest fact is our suggested goods are highly compatible. 

But if you have sensitivity, take the experts’ opinion before applying.