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10 Best Drugstore Bronzer for Dark Skin [2021]

To add warmth and glow to your face, you need a perfect bronzer. In recent years, contouring and bronzing have become a popular trend.

A bronze glow in your forehead and cheekbones will give your makeup a complete look. Bronzing, your face provides warmth with the look.

You may ask if bronzing is much needed or not. Well, bronzing gives your makeup a natural look.

Applying only the foundation can make your face look cakey. Bronzing settles that and also even out your skin. It makes your skin glow and warmth. 

What about the dark skin people, you may ask? As bronzer tends to make your skin look warmer, it is tricky to find perfect bronzer suitable for dark skin.

Dark skin people indeed have lesser choices for a bronzer. But, there are few of the bronzer you can try.

You can buy high-end bronzers that makeup artists swear by. Fortunately, there are other options for you in the drugstore.

You can find plenty of good quality bronzers in the drugstore. It won’t cost you much and will last you for a reasonable amount of time.

In this article, I will list some well-rated drugstore bronzers you can try. 

10 Drugstore Bronzers for Dark Skin Reviews [2021]

Here are some drugstore bronzers that you can try if you have dark skin. These are easily available and won’t break your bank account.

1. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Matte Bronzer (One of the best drugstore bronzers for dark skin)

NYX always wins the drugstore makeup game for me. They have a huge array of products in their line. You can find anything you are looking for.

If you love a matte bronzer, then this is the product for you. It doesn’t make your skin look chalky or ashy. The super-blendable formula blends like a dream and improves the texture.

This bronzer adds a natural glow to your face. It will add a glow to your complexion. This formula can be used in oily and acne-prone skin.

This formula is good and doesn’t cause any breakouts. This bronzer comes in 5 shades. There are shades like dark tan, deep tan specially made for dark skin tone.

So swatches it and rely on it.


  • Matte formula to gloss the dark complexion.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Long-wearing.
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • It adds a healthy glow to your face.
  • Good shade range.


  • Users complain about the darker shade being too orangey.

2. Milani Baked Bronzer

Another popular brand from the drugstore is the Milani. You can find it anywhere. They make quality products at an affordable price range.

This baked bronzer from Milani is very pigmented. But the formula is a bit shimmery. It will give a beach glow to your face.

But not suitable if you want a matte finish. The formula is made with micro-fine pigments, which blends smoothly and give you a natural glow.

The finish is streak-free and natural. You will find three shades in this line. The shade tantalizing tan is perfect for dark skin. The packaging is very luxury looking and will add beauty to your collection.

(To get more durable effect, use a pressed powder after applying it)


  • Easy to blend.
  • It has a subtle glow.
  • Long-wearing formula.
  • The powder is light-weight.
  • It adds a natural tan glow and proper finish.
  • Ideal bronzer to get professional makeup matte
  • The packaging looks amazing.


  • The shade range could be more versatile.

3. Rimmel Natural Bronzer

This is one of the popular bronzers in the market right now. This formula is easily blended able.

You can build up the color and create a subtle glow to your face. The highly pigmented formula can provide you a dramatic look or natural radiance both.

For a beginner, this product can be perfect. It blends very quickly, so anyone can use it to get the required level of deep skin tones. To blend your bronzer correctly is the key to achieve a golden tan look.

There are four shades available in this range. If you have dark skin, then try the shade sun bronze. The price is amazingly low, and the quantity you get will last you for a year.

(Perfect for daily use and you will get a dramatic improvement in 2 weeks)


  • Instant bronze glow.
  • It is highly pigmented.
  • The high value of a product.
  • Blends smoothly to your skin.
  • Long-wearing formula.
  • Good for daily use.
  • Shade matching capability


  • The packaging is bulky.

4. e.l.f. Studio Baked Bronzer

E.l.f is known for its affordable good quality product. If you want to invest a minimum amount in your bronzer, then this could be your ideal choice.

This baked bronzer from e.l.f will turn you into a sun goddess. This bronzer has the perfect summer glow. This bronzer is infused with hydrating elements like jojoba oil, rose, grape, and sunflower.

If you have dark skin, this formula will restore the natural oils in your face. This formula is easily blendable and light-weight.

This bronzer comes in three different shades. The shade bora bora is ideal for dark skin.

(As it is free from harsh chemicals, you can use it for sensitive skins


  • Very affordable in price.
  • Long-wearing formula. 
  • Adds a bronze glow in your face.
  • The formula is non-comedogenic.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Can be used in all skin type.


  • The packaging is fragile.
  • The shade range could be more extensive.

5. COVERGIRL truBlend Bronzer

The trublend bronzer from Covergirl is one of the bestsellers from the drugstore. The formula is smooth and easy to blend.

It blends instantly, and your face will light up. The formula blends like butter, and you won’t see any streaks or lines.

The pigmentation is intense, and you can build up the color. The only drawback is, there is only one shade available.

This formula is suitable for sensitive skin. If you are on a budget, then this could be your bronzer.


  • Easy to work with an undertone
  • You can build up the intensity.
  • Richly pigmented.
  • Affordable in price.


  • Only one shade available.

6. wet n wild Color Icon Bronzer SPF 15

Wet n Wild is another cruelty-free drugstore brand that I love. They make such a right quality product in such a low price range.

This formula is a bit unique from the others, as it has SPF in it. You not only get a sunlight glow in your face but also get protection from the harmful UV rays.

This formula is suitable for all skin types, no matter if you have normal or oily skin. The price will amaze you. It is hard to believe you get such right quality products is such a low price.

The quantity is also great. The big pan will last you for a year. The formula blends very well and has a matte finish. The bronzer will also last you all day; the powder doesn’t fade out. 


  • Good value of money.
  • Oil-free formula.
  • This bronzer blends well.
  • It has SPF in it.
  • Suitable for all skin types.


  • Not enough shades. 

7. Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer

My list would be incomplete without this product. The physicians formula murumuru butter bronzer is the most favorite bronzer for many people.

You will hardly find any beauty influencer who hasn’t recommended this one. As the name goes, the formula feels like butter on your skin.

This bronzer blends smoothly and can be build up. The nourishing bronzer makes your face glow. The bronzer comes with pro-vitamins that nourishes and softens your skin.

This formula is perfect for normal to dry skin. This bronzer comes in four different shades. The deep shade bronzer is for the dark skin.


  • It has a hydrating formula.
  • The bronzer nourishes your skin.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Long-wearing formula.
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin too.


  • It has a bulky packaging. 

8. Makeup Revolution Bronzer Reloaded

The makeup revolution is also known for affordable products. This baked bronzer from Makeup Revolution has a fantastic formula and gives the shimmer effect.

The powder is richly pigmented, and a little amount is enough for your entire face. If you are looking for a natural tan, then this is your bronzer.

It has a light shimmer that adds a natural glow to your face. This formula is easy to blend. You can apply this with a wet sponge or a brush.

To have more intense bronzing, use a wet sponge. It comes in different shades. The shade holiday romance is for the dark skin.


  • Long-wearing formula.
  • Easy to blend.
  • You can build up the intensity.
  • Adds some shimmer to give a sun glow.
  • Affordable in price.


  • Limited shade range.
  • The packaging is bulky.

9. Pixi Beauty Bronzer

Pixi is known for its oil-free products, suitable for all skin types. This bronzer from Pixi adds a splash of color to your cheeks.

It complements your skin. The formula is paraben-free, and your skin won’t have any breakouts after using this bronzer.

This is the right choice of product for sensitive skin. This bronzer also comes with a kabuki brush.

So you are getting a set when you buy this product. The formula is easy to blend, and you can use the brush to have the perfect bronzing effect.

This bronzer comes in three shades. The shade is for darker skin tone.


  • Non-comedogenic.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Light-weight formula.
  • Easy to blend.
  • It comes with a brush.


  • None.

10. Essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder (Best bronzing powder to get a kissed glow)

Essence has been on the market for a few years. They have affordable products with good quality.

If you are willing to explore a new drugstore brand, then this is the one. This bronzer gives the most natural look. It will feel like you have a natural tan.

The formula is specially designed for oily skin as it absorbs excess oil from your skin and leaves a matte finish.

It has a beautiful smell. The formula is easy to blend. This could be a good choice for those who are just starting up with makeup.


  • It provides a natural-looking tan.
  • It removes excess oil.
  • It gives a matte finish.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Long-wearing matte formula.
  • A perfect option for dark skin tone


  • The shade range could be better.
  • The packaging is fragile.

My Thoughts

Bronzing your face is good practice if you want a natural-looking makeup. All of the listed bronzers have good quality and are designed for dark skin.

My favorite is the Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer. The formula has a matte finish, which I prefer for a bronzer.

The formula is easy to blend and gives you a subtle tan. One plus pots are that the bronzer has SPF in it.

The products give you a good value of money. The formula is long-wearing and will hold up your makeup for hours. 

Before buying a makeup, always choose a color that is one shade darker from your natural skin tone.

Too dark shade can make you look darker and weird. If you have oily to combination skin, then go for a powder formula.

For dry skin people, it is better to choose a cream or liquid formula. Choose a matte shade if you have oily skin as it will even out and will make your skin look natural.

For dry skin, try to choose a bronzer that has a slight shimmer. The shimmers will add a natural glow that will complement your skin color.